Chapter 4

Unfortunately, the only general store in the town was one of the stores that had been destroyed. The woman that ran the shop was devastated, trying to understand what happened to her store. Seven looked up at Trace with her ears and tail slightly lowered, "Master, I can get the needle and thread in the next town..." she didn't want to have to bother the poor woman while she was irate. If there was one thing Seven had learned at her time on the estate, it was not to trouble someone when they were on the edge.

Trace chuckled a little, "Yeah good idea." He stated then. Trace looked down at what was left of his chest armor. With half if it gone, the heavy armor then went on his right arm and his right gauntlet gone, he felt unbalanced. Trace then took off what was left of the heavy chest armor and toss it to the ground, "Well that feels a little bit better." He stated aloud. Trace then help Thirteen and Seven get on the horse with Thirteen in front, Seven in the back and him in the middle. Trace then looked at his girls, "OK then, is there anything you two need before we head off?" he ask kindly.

Thirteen shook her head while Seven checked to make sure the bag Trace had placed her in charge of had everything they needed as far as food and water. Seven looked up at him and shook her head, "No Master, I think everything is in here." though this being her first time traveling, she wasn't sure how far it was to the next town and if the food and water was enough, but if Trace said it was, she would just keep a close eye on it. That was what Trace had asked her to do.

Trace smiled and placed his hands around Thirteen to reach for the reigns. While he did this he playfully kissed Thirteen's neck. Trace smiled at her then snapped the reigns and the horse started to walk at a mid pace then went faster as they left the town. Trace then lean his head back to look at Seven, "The next city is half a day from here, we'll met my friend when we reach the city limits." He stated then kissed Seven's cheek.

Thirteen giggled slightly and leaned her head back, looking at Trace upside-down, "Master Trace? May I hold the reins?" Seven smiled, not a full smile, bit one that said she understood as she wrapped her arms around Traces waist and laying her head on his back, bracing herself for when the reins snapped.

Trace smiled a little more as he felt Seven rested her head on him. He then placed his hand on Thirteen's chin and turned her head to face him, Trace then kissed Thirteen's lips and held the kiss for six seconds then pulled away, "Sure you can, and if you don't go too fast I'll give you another kiss like that." He said playfully. Trace then handed the reins to Thirteen and wrapped his arms around her belly, "Now, try to keep the horse going in this direction, OK Thirteen." He said kindly.

Thirteen smiled as she held the reigns, looking up at Trace before giving them a light flick. As she did, Seven held onto Trace a little tighter, letting out a small whimper as the horse picked up speed. After a moment and she'd adjusted to the speed, she loosened her grip, though keeping her arms still wrapped around Trace's waist and keeping her head laying on his back.

As they traveled it seemed rather pleasant as not one nothing seemed to attack them. Trace smiled as he held onto Thirteen's belly. As noon approached Trace saw smoke coming from the west of their location. Trace being a Templar had the need to go see what was going on to make sure no one was hurt. Trace then placed his lips near Thirteen's ear, "Look to the right of you, you see that smoke, do you think you can steer the horse to that?" He ask kindly.

Thirteen looked in both directions and when she saw the smoke, looked back at Trace and her ears twitched, "How do I do that Master Trace?"

Trace then placed his hands over Thirteen's and pulled back on her right hand gently. As he did this the horse started to turn. Trace looked down at her, "Do you understand?" He ask kindly.

Thirteen tilted her head at the motion and the light bulb went on, "Oh..."

After a while they pulled up onto a convoy that seemed to have been raided. Trace took Thirteen's hands and pulled them back so as to pull the reins to make the horse stop. After a moment or two of looking side to side to see if they were any raiders about, which were none, Trace got off the horse. Trace looked at Thirteen and Seven, who were still on the horse, "You two, keep a eye out for anything while I'll look to see if anyone is alive." Trace then looked at the fires while bringing his hand up then quickly balled his hand into a fist; as Trace did this all the fires went out as if the life was choked out if it.

The dessert wind breezed over them as the girls looked around, keeping an eye out for anyone or anything out of the ordinary. Seven leaned over Thirteen to see what Trace was doing, "Master? Is everything alright?"

Trace looked through the wreckage, "It looks like some raiders attack the convoy, but I don't see anyone yet." Trace stated as he moved chard wood and burn materials, "It looks like most of everything was taken, and what wasn't taken they set ablaze." he shouted.
Trace's eyes widen as he heard the weak voice, "Do you hear me? Speak up!" He shouted.
Trace moved to three carts down and looked under it. Trace saw someone. His eyes widen, it was the bunny-girl waitress form the tavern. Trace looked at Thirteen and Seven, "Seven, Thirteen, come give me a hand!" He shouted.