Heaven? Seven nor Thirteen had ever heard of it, they stood next to each other as Trace moved the man, each one thinking the same thing, But if he's here... how can he be somewhere else? They stepped over to where Trace was, looking over the two. Neither of them really knowing what to do. Thirteen looked back at the wreckage, wondering how exactly someone could do such a thing.

Trace then placed the body next to the bunny-girl, "Well, I don't want to burn them, but I don't want to just leave them here ether." He stated and look at Thirteen. As he looked at her he looked at her feet and saw there was a glass jar next to her, That's it! Trace then stood at the feet of the bodies and head his arms out then swung them up. As he did, earth and rock sprang up on either side of the bodies. Trace then made his hands meet and the rocks and dirt spread around the bodies. Trace then made a circle in the sand around the mount. After that, Trace's eyes glowed as he snapped his fingers making a fire that circled the mound. As Trace stood there the fire started to burn hotter as he seemed to spin.

Seven and Thirteen jumped back slightly at the fire, putting their hand up to shield their eyes from the heat. "Master Trace?!" Thirteen yelled out, loud enough to be heard over the rumbling, curious as to what he was doing.

Trace raised his hands making the fire taller and burn hotter. Trace looked over his shoulder at Thirteen, "I'll show you." He said. After a while Trace brought down his hands and the fire suddenly vanished. It was then it could be seen that bodies of the master and the bunny-girl were encased in a mound of pure glass. Trace then looked at his girls, "A coffin of glass so no human, nor beast, nor time can ravish their bodies." He stated softly.

Both girls were awe struck by what Trace was able to create, though had the couple looked more peaceful, it would have been a more beautiful sight to behold. Thirteen looked up at Trace after a moment, "Master Trace? What about the girl's son? What happened to him?" Seven gave Thirteen a quick look as if to say 'shh' though secretly, she was thinking the same thing and looked up at Trace too, glad Thirteen had asked.

Trace rested his hands on his hips, "Well, if it were done by raiders, they would have sold him off to the nearest place, and if it was in the city, it would be almost impossible find him." he stated. Trace then looked at Thirteen's eyes. Trace sighed and turned to face the glass coffin, "But, as a Templar, I must honor her dying wish, so we will look for him to the best of my abilities." Trace then and looked back at Seven and Thirteen and smiled at them.

They both gave Trace a very soft smile, if nothing else, they could help a fellow slaves final wish, since there was nothing more they could have done for her here. And almost in unison, both Thirteen and Seven reached up and wrapped their arms around Trace's waist, as if to thank him for taking the time to at least try to help. This alone, was the single kindest act either had ever witnessed from a human to a slave.

Trace was a little shocked to the suddenly hugs from Seven and Thirteen. The emotion he felt coming from them was like a refreshing boost of energy that they all needed. Trace smiled and wrapped his arms around them, "Oh My girls." was all he could say as he held onto them. Trace looked at Seven and Thirteen, "Now let's go find their son." He said with a smile that was brighter than any sun.

They nodded and followed Trace back to the horse, giving one last look back to the cased couple. Seven sighed, We'll bring their son back here if we ever find him... at least then he can see his parents... Thirteen glanced at Seven and smiled softly, thinking the same thing.

Trace took one last look at the glass coffin and then they were off. The three of them kept on riding along the trail for three hours. As they travailed the environment seemed to change from desert to grasslands as it was a little bit cooler, and there were trees to be seen. Trace slowed the horse as they approached a hill and stopped when they reached to the top. At the hill top they could see the city and it was huge as it stretched from one end of land to other; however, Trace was looking up at the sky looking for his fellow Templar. After ten minutes a roar could be heard as they could see a dragon swoop down and land right in front of them. The dragon was blue in color and a wyvern type as its from arms were its wings and stood on them like a bat. Its hind legs were reveres jointed and it help support him as he stood. He had a long tail that seemed to be covered with bone like blades as well he had horns on his head, yet his face was pleasant to look at for a dragon.
Trace laughed, "Sorry for the wait Pox, I have gotten held up." he said. Pox lifted its lips as it smiled showing his teeth, "Ma, fra dom, It was no worry I could way many more days if needed of me, dazu." His voice was very warm and kind for a dragon, yet it was very deep.

Seven and Thirteen looked around in awe at the change of scenery, Thirteen leaning forward far off the side of the horse while Seven's grip around Trace's waist lightened as she watched the green scenery go by. Seven sat back and lifter her hand, gently brushing her hands through the leaves as they passed by them, giggling softly to herself. As Traces friend swooped down, Seven and Thirteen both grew timid, Seven tightened her arms around his waist and hurried her head in his back. Thirteen leaned back, trying to hide from the dragon.

Trace felt Seven and Thirteen's unease. Trace looked back at Seven, "Don't worry...." Trace then looked down and patted Thirteen's head, "....Pox is another Templar, he won't hurt you..."Trace looked up at Pox, "...Right Pox?" He smiled. Pox slowly nodded, "Umm frata natashe, Yes, I can't even remember the last time I ate someone and I would never harm an innocent, dira dazu." said Pox. Trace chuckled, "Pox, I don't think that statement would help anyone." The dragon made a deep