3 years ago

We have a big update to the store for our 9 year anniversary! To honor this occasion we have a 10% off discount code for all orders. Just enter "saleiversary" at checkout.

We have three new Red vs. Blue shirts: Maine's Knifle, Tex North and South's Stealth Logo, and the Freelancer Triplicate Symbol. We also have a new Caboose hat! It has been a while since we put out new buttons so we created 4 new lines. There are 2 packs of Red vs Blue Buttons and an RT button pack and a pack of Animated Adventure Buttons. Fight Fight Fight! Kiss Kiss Kiss! We also added a new quote poster to the bunch: Private Franklin Delano Donut. Head Explodes.

Comments (59)

  • RoseSpinoza


    3 years ago

    Aw man, the code expired. Curse my inability to make decisions on orders in a timely fashion!

  • runfaster


    3 years ago

    Damn! Too bad I'm approaching my budget for the semester. I want to buy all of the things!!!

  • leggy555


    3 years ago

    need.all! Take.money.NOW!

  • p4c023


    3 years ago

    :) New shirts! Time to show em off ^_^

  • ISibeliusI


    3 years ago

    I wold like to buy something, but I'm just too far away to get it withouth having to pay about 100$ of shipping costs or risking with customs problems, but someday I'll will buy something, because I just love some of the shirts designs.

  • herrkamerad


    3 years ago

    They are the coolest shirts evar, now to get some money...

  • saiyan_queen


    3 years ago

    Just a quick note that as of 4-3-12 there is no 'add to cart' option for the Donutisms poster, and that makes a lot of folks sad pandas. We keep throwing money at the screen but nothing seems to be happening.... smiley2.gif

  • MrDudeMan5k


    3 years ago

    what happened to year 2 of the comic book?

  • willbtill


    3 years ago

    Rooster Teeth should have their own page on the XBL avatar marketplace and put more stuff on their cause most of my nerd friends have moved away and i cant show them badass swag in person

  • jeffgale


    3 years ago

    i am throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening!