In continuing our celebration of Rooster Teeth's 9-year Anniversary, we are holding not 1, but 2 contests this month! WHOA! Yeah! Exciting, right? Take a breath, and read on!

Contest #1: The RTX Song Contest

RTX is fast approaching, and we are all so pumped-- not just for the event, but to also hear how excited everyone is to attend! This is why for our April Community Contest, we want to celebrate this excitement by having you guys write and record your own song about RTX!

You can find all the information and how to enter on the contest page! Note: You don't have to be attending RTX to enter, but you should still grab those RTX tickets, because we want to see you there!

Contest ends April 25th at 11:59 PM CST!
Contest #2: The Rooster Teeth YouTube Scavenger Hunt

An epic search for 20 hidden items that have been scattered throughout YouTube! You'll be given clues that will lead you to specific RT YouTube videos. In the video descriptions, you'll find an ITEM as well as a clue to your next video. Some clues will require you to check the annotations in the video, while others may give you a small task to complete! Once you've found all 20 Items, jot them down, and then list all 20 items on the entry form found here!

YouTube Hunters will have two weeks to finish the game. After April 17, 2012 we will no longer be accepting submissions! Once the game is over, we will randomly select THREE WINNERS to receive a $20 coupon for our store! However, the FIRST contestant to submit their answers will be crowned our champion and awarded with a $20 coupon AND the entire collection of RvB (Seasons 1-9) signed by the RvB Cast!

Clues will become more difficult as you progress farther into the game, and there's nothing wrong with working together, but we designed this scavenger hunt in hopes that it would be a fun challenge, so please try to refrain from simply sharing answers.

The Scavenger Hunt starts NOW, and your first clue is a single question:
Do you ever wonder why we're here?