Both girls jumped up and let out a short yelp as the bear dropped to the ground, hiding behind Trace. After they dusted themselves off to see that it was Pox, the girls both were a little on edge, following close behind Trace as he looked over the bear. Thirteen getting close to its face, trying to determine if it was indeed dead or not, while Seven held out her finger and quickly gave the dead bear a poke before hiding again behind Trace, peering around the side of him only to see that the bear didn't move.

Trace smiled as he looked at Seven being silly then noticed Thirteen's face was close to his. Trace then gave a quick peck on the cheek then blew into her ear playfully. After that, Trace then started to pull the hide off the bear and started to clean the meat as he drained out the blood and placed meat over the fire. Trace then looked at Seven, "I am sorry Seven, it's just going to be meat tonight, oh can you check on the three flasks of water we have." He ask her kindly. Trace then kept adding more bear meat over the fire, "Thirteen, what piece of meat would you like to have?" he asked kindly.

Thirteen's ear twitched as Trace blew in it and she stood straight up and looked at him and smiled playfully. Seven watched as Trace placed the meat over the fire and shook her head, "It's alright Master, I don't mind..." Her ears perked up and she rushed to the bag and pulled out the flasks, each more or less about half full. She knelt down next to Trace and shook the flasks so he could hear how much water was in them, "I think they'll be okay until the morning Master." Thirteen stood over the meat, practically drooling at the smell, she looked up at Trace, "It doesn't matter to me Master Trace, they all smell good..." as she closed her eyes and took in another whiff of the meat as it cooked.

Trace smiled at Seven and kissed her cheek since his hands were bloody from carving the meat off the bear, "Good girl." He said sweetly. Trace then looked over at Thirteen, "Don't worry it will be ready I another ten minutes." He chuckled. As Trace kept carving the meat he paused and looked at the dragon "Pox have you eaten?" He asked kindly. Pox nodded, "Omu so refa tanula, Yes, the bear had a few friends around him so I helped myself, no need to worry, dazu." said the dragon as he rested his head on the dirt. Trace then look back down out at the bear, "Well we still have half a bear here, oh I know I can made jerky out of the rest." He stated with a smiled. Trace then looked at Seven, "How does that sound to you?" he asked kindly.

Seven set the flasks back to keep them away from the heat of the fire and sat back down next to Trace. Thirteen didn't move, she waited impatiently for the meat to finish, she had slowly started picking away some of the top cooked part of the meat, the smell was getting to be too much. "Jerky Master?" Seven looked up to him and tilted her head slightly, unfamiliar with what jerky was.

Trace looked at Thirteen, "Thirteen, stop that, that one is not done, eat the one on the far right, that one is ready for ya." He said and rolled his eyes. Pox chuckled at the neko. Trace looked at Seven and nodded, "Mmhmm, jerkying is drying out the meat so it won't go bad over a long time, it's perfect when we're traveling." He stated and started to make what was left of the bear into jerky as he used a spell to dry out the meat. Once that was done Trace used a frost spell to turn the blood around his hands into ice and pealed it off. Trace then handed a large piece of bear meat to Seven, "Dig in." He said with a smiled as he started on one.

Thirteen's ears twitched and her tail flicked as she eagerly picked up the piece Trace had pointed at and started to dig in. Seven watched as Trace turned the meat into jerky, her nose getting closer to the meat as he dried it, infatuated with the process. She picked up a finished piece and looked it over, trying to figure out how he did it.

After a while everyone's bellies were full. Thirteen's belly was so full as it stuck out a little. Trace smiled at Thirteen and poked her belly, "You look 2 months pregnant." He joked. Trace then retreated into the tent, "Pox, you keep watch, Thirteen, Seven, time for bed." He called out. Pox did as was asking of him as he raised his head up and keeping a eye on everything that around them.

Thirteen laid on her back on the ground, "Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, so.... yummy....." she started to close her eyes and just enjoyed the moment. Seven sighed and shook her head, trying to hold back a laugh at Thirteen. Seven jumped a little as Pox raised his head and grabbed onto Traces arm lightly, "Y-yes Master..." following him into the tent.

Trace laid down on the small role up and looked at Seven on the right of him while Thirteen was on the left. He then returned his gaze back to Seven, "Seven did you get enough to eat, I noticed that you never eat all that much, do you have a stomach bug or something?" He ask kindly as he took her hand and held it sweetly.

Thirteen was out like a light, an earthquake wouldn't have woken her up. Seven sat up slightly, and thought a moment before she widened her eyes slightly, "Oh, no Master, I'm alright... I..." She tried to think of how to explain why she ate the way she did, only to have a hard time finding the right words.

Trace looked at her and studied her expression and being a Templar if he tried hard enough he could get in tune with what she was feeling. Trace sensed confusion and the expression on her face gave off a want to find an answer. After a moment of processing he spoke, "Did they not feed you enough food back at the estate?" He ask softly.