Seven lowered her ears and looked at the ground, slowly shaking her head, "No... we were suppose to share whatever scraps they gave us with all the other slaves..." her voice was quiet, as though she were ashamed. After seventeen years of eating as little as she had, her stomach shouldn't handle eating large amounts of food, it had shrank, smaller than what it was suppose to be.

Trace closed his eyes and shook his head slightly, Only scraps? I truly hate this country. Trace looked back at her and brought her hand up to kiss the back of it, "Seven, I understand." He said kindly. Trace had rescued slaves under similar circumstances, "Well, as long as your with me, you can eat as much as you are able to, OK?" He asked sweetly looking into her eyes in every gentle manner.

Seven looked into Trace's eyes and smiled softly before slowly nodding, "Yes Master..." It would take some time to get use to Trace's rules, but she would try her best. She leaned down and laid her head on Trace's neck, lightly nuzzling his neck. Trying to get use to Trace's kindness, was going to take a lot of getting use to.

Trace smiled softly and wrapped his arm around her draping it over her side as she nuzzled onto him. Trace closed his eyes and took a breath, "Seeing that caravan made me remember how I lost my sister." Trace opened his eyes. As he looked up at the top of the tent that past returned to him in his head, "Two years ago my father and mother and teacher went on a pilgrimage to recruit more Templar's in Pradera. During this time their caravan were attack by a large amount of demons. It was then that many of the trainees were killed and some of the escorting Templar's, one of them being my father, as well my sister went missing as her body wasn't found after the battle." Trace then and looked down at Seven with soft eyes.

Seven looked up at Trace with a horror in her eyes, she felt horrible for Trace. Her ears lowered, "I... I'm sorry Master... I... I didn't know..." She didn't have any siblings and could only imagine how saddened Trace must be, speaking about his troubles, "Is... is there anything I could do to help?" Seven's heart went out to him, she truly wanted to help him in any way she could.

Trace smiled kindly at Seven, "You have nothing to be sorry about, what's in the past is behind me." Trace looked into Seven's eyes and saw real emotions behind them. Trace place his other hand on Seven's cheek, "Promise me, whatever happens in life, never give up, never lose faith in yourself, and never choose to die, promise me this Seven." He said in a manner that Seven never heard before, one could say it was a tone of yearning to fill a empty place within themselves.

Seven paused a moment looking into his eyes as she started to feel a little warm before nodding in silent, having no words to truly express to Trace her understanding. She would do her best to do as he asked of her. Seven opened her mouth and just as quietly as she had spoken before, she managed to force out, "Yes Master..." as her voice cracked and she started to choke up again.

Trace smiled and lowered his head and kissed Seven deeply. This type of kiss was new to Seven it had no lust behind it, yet it was fill with a warm feeling that seem to comfort her. Trace held the kiss as he deepened it.

Seven was a little taken back by the kiss at first, unsure of what she was suppose to do. She slowly closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the moment, something she rarely got the chance to do in her old life.

Trace held it a little longer and slowly pulled away. Trace looked at her appearing to be happy as he smiled sweetly at her. Trace took at breath and laid his head back down, "Now let's get some sleep." He said kindly and closed his eyes. Trace then noticed that he has a slight erection due to the deep kiss. Hopefully Seven wouldn't notice it as he try to calm it down.

Seven was left breathless, stunned even. The raw emotion from Trace's kiss left her overwhelmed and to be honest, it frightened her a bit. She laid back down at Traces side and wrapped her tail around her, shivering slightly as the cool grassland wind gently blew over the tent. After a moment or two, and using her fluffy tail almost as a blanket, Seven drifted off to sleep, never noticing Trace's little friend.

Trace awoke as he heard the birds chirping. He slowly opened his eyes to the left to see Thirteen's panties were in view as she was sleeping. Somehow Thirteen had manage to place herself upside down along Trace. Trace half heartily chuckled and turned his head to the right to see that Seven's breast were pretty much in his face. His eyes widen as he blushed then laid his head back down and closed his eyes, Man if only I was at home with them right now. Trace then shook the thought out of his head and manage to slip out without waking Seven; however, he bumped heads with Thirteen lightly and woke her up while his face were only less than a inch away from hers.

Thirteen cringed her eyes for a moment before slowly opening them. She jumped up after seeing how close Trace was only to bump into Seven with her tail, who jumped up herself when she realized how that Trace had woken up before they did. As Seven jumped up, her head banged against Thirteen butt, sending her off balance and falling forward, her chin by Trace's feet and her tail high in the air by Seven who by the point, had gotten her hair stuck in Thirteen's shorts when she bumped into her and was leaning her head down holding her head, trying to keep from having her hair pulled out.