Thirteen glared at the door and let out a hiss as it was locked. Seven let out a sigh, "Thirteen, please... just... don't...." her voice was low and quiet, she knew what was going on with these men and she stared at the floor. Thirteen quickly looked over at the bunny-boy, "Let me out of the chains and I'll give them a fair fight!! Master Trace won't stand for this!!" Seven knew that he would have to find them first, until he found them, they were helpless.

The bunny-boy pulled on the one chain he had on his neck, "I am sorry, I can't reach." He said with a sadden voice. Moments later, ten male slaves came into the room and unchained and started to drag the dead along the floor out of the room. The bunny-boy reach out as they carried away the human girl with tears running down his face, "No Shana! Leave her alone! Shana I love you! Shana! Shana!" He yelled as she was dragged out of them room. The boy fell over to his side and again started crying. Shortly after the dead were gone, the male slaves unchained and lead the pregnant slaves out of the room as they waddle out the door while leaving the ones that were not pregnant where they were. The door was then shut and locked leaving the boy, Thirteen, Seven, a wolf-girl, a elf, and a harpy behind.

Thirteen started yanking at the chains, trying to loosen them up but to no avail, she was starting to get angry over it, hissing loudly. Seven meanwhile just looked up at the door then to the boy, "What's your name?" her voice was quiet, but she assumed she would be there for a little while so she should at least find out some sort of information him, if he was the waitresses son, Trace would be there to save them soon.

The bunny-boy remained on his side and tried to wipe the tears away, "X-Xander." He choked out of his mouth. Suddenly the door swung open, showing a man that looked to be about in his early 30's. The man had red hair and had a chain. Seven's and Thirteen's eyes widen to see Caspain's little brother Simon. He looked at Seven and Thirteen with an insane smiled, "Well I'll be, it's Seven and Thirteen, how's it been? You know, at first when I hear my men had caught a kitsune with one blue eye and one gold eye I thought he was joking, so I killed him. But now that I see it was true, I guess I shouldn't have... huh?" he said walking over to Seven and noticed that she was terrified as he place his hand around her ear and patted it, "Well it's nice to see you." He then looked at Thirteen, "Oh and Thirteen, you look just like your mother, well minus the breasts." He said then ran his hand though her pink hair, "Oh you even smell like her, brings me back to the time where she tightened around me as I choked the life out of her." He said and place his hand around Thirteen's neck and licked the side of her face. Simon quickly stood away as Thirteen snapped her teeth at him, "But then again you were there to see it, weren't you?" He made an insane smile.

Thirteen was filled with rage as she continued to yank at the chains, hissing. Seven closed her eyes, trembling at the sight of him, his voice sending chills down her spine. She let out a whimper as he walked by her, clearly scared of Simon, "S-sir... p-please... don't hurt Thirteen..." She promised she would look out for her, and would do what she had to in order to keep that promise. Thirteen narrowed her eyes at him, growling.

Simon looked at Seven with a curious expression, "Oh wow, Seven you have changed, speaking out, that is new. I guess your new master must be lacking in the discipline department." He said and back handed Seven across the face. Simon then walked in between the two girls and ran his hands along their backs and grabbed their asses, "Oh and both are so soft, I wonder who I should play with first? The one who's mother I fucked and killed or the slave I impregnated once." He said and looked at Seven, "And I am guessing you couldn't keep it, what a shame." He said sadistically.
Simon then moved in front of Seven and knelt down, "So I will give you a choice Seven, A- I inject hormones into Thirteen's body to force her to go into heat to get her pregnant, or B- you can willingly please me but hurry and decide quick or I'll do both to you. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four....."

Seven looked up in horror, "I'll do it!!" she spoke out quickly, she looked down after words, ashamed, not so much at what she was about to do, but that Thirteen would have to witness it. This only sent Thirteen into more of a rage, yanking on the chains hard, hissing at Simon. "Seven No!!!"

Simon made an insane smiled, "Now that a girl." He said standing right in front of her face and undid one of her hands and looked down at her, "You know the drill." He said. Simon then smiled at Thirteen, "So Thirteen, tell me, what kind of gutless Master do you have now, huh? He must be some kind of fuck up to leave you two alone." He stated and rested his hand on Seven's head.

Seven's ears lowered and she nodded. Thirteen grit her teeth, rage, anger and pure hatred filled her eyes, "Master Trace Won't Stand For This!!!" she cried out. Seven glanced over at Thirteen from the corner of her eye as a tear trickled down it.