Simon looked at Thirteen and made an annoyed look at her then snapped his fingers. Two demons then came into the room. One that looked like a snake with arms and hands while the other one human like but the lower half of him was that of a goat. Simon then looked at them and pointed at Thirteen. Xander then sat up, "No! You killed Shana you bastard! Don't touch her!" He yelled.

Thirteen refused to open her mouth, and even made a point to turn her head away from the demon in front of her. Her tail flicked at the one behind her, doing nothing more than annoy the goat. Seven pulled back and looked towards Thirteen, "No!! Take me instead!! Don't... don't hurt her!!"

Simon grabbed Seven by the head and made her look at him, "Now now Seven, you made your choice as I did, now if you want to break it I'll be more than happy to knock up Thirteen, but I bet your master would hate you if you did." He said sadistic.
The goat demon only managed to hurt himself and snarled out at Thirteen, "Ouch! You little bitch!" he said then pulled out a dagger and stabbed Thirteen in the back. The odd thing was the moment he pulled the dagger out the closed up just as quickly, the demon the tiled its head and stabbed her in the back ten more times just to see them heal just as fast.
The goat demon looked to see all the wounds heal up and shrugged then stabbed Thirteen in the right ass cheek and left it there, the goat demon then looked at Thirteen's ass then slowly grinned.

Thirteen let out a scream. The pain was unbearable that didn't seems to subside. Tears ran down her cheeks as she had a hard time breathing. Her tail thrashed back and forth. Seven's eyes watered up, looking at Simon, letting out a small whimper. She stared at the ground, after reverting back to her old ways, "Anything else sir?" her voice was low, she wouldn't look up at him.

The dagger that was stuck in the side of her ass, fell out and the wound healed. Simon looked down at Seven as he zipped up his pants, "Well now that I think about it, I have a few friends you can play with." He said with that insane smiled and snapped his fingers. At that moment another goat demon, a giant hornet that was half the side of her and some kind of fish monster as it look like it came out of some kind of lagoon entered the room. Simon then pointed at Seven, "Have fun boys." The hornet flew over hand landed on Seven's back, the second goat demon got underneath Seven and the fish demon stood in front of her.

Seven cringed her eyes shut and let out a loud scream. Thirteen by this point had been thrashing violently trying to get away, the snake had taken a chain connected to the floor and hooked it to her collar to keep her from leaning back, while the goat behind her had taken a chain to the back of her collar and pulled back on it to keep her from leaning forward. Thirteen was now stuck on all fours, locked and unable to move. Seven looked up at Simon and began to cry, she was doing everything he asked, why wouldn't he let Thirteen go?

Simon smiled as the demons showed no signs of yielding. He then looked at Seven and saw her expression and relished in it. "Did you see that bunnies' little friend with he exploded belly, what did you think that did it?" He said as he paused as if Seven knew the answer, "Well the goat demon is too much for anything but another demon. So what do you think happens when you are filled with a gallon of semen, well you explode of course!" He laughed. Simon then made that insane smile again, "When I fucked Thirteen's mother that day, the look on her face as she orgasmed and died at the same time was purely stunning. I enjoy watching slaves getting fucked to death. So you see, the moment the goat demon cums, you and your friend will die!" He then insanely started laughing like a mad man.

Seven became horrified, I'm sorry Master... I... I can't keep my promise... Tears went streaming down her face, partly from the pain from all three demons, partly from failing. Knowing it was just a matter of time before the end would come. Seven and Thirteen both tried to scream, Seven trembled yet she still didn't fight them, she sat there on her hands and knees and painfully accepted all three demons. Thirteen still trying desperately to get away.

After a while it suddenly happened, Thirteen's belly swelled as if she were overdue with a litter of six then a little bit bigger. At this point, is where anyone else would have exploded yet Thirteen's belly held. After a moment the first goat demon and snake demon withdrew themselves and let Thirteen fall to the floor. Suddenly Thirteen's birth mark started to glow as her body rejected the demon. Simon then looked at Thirteen,"NO NO NO, you should have exploded!" he shouted.

Thirteen struggled as she lay there, trying to lift her upper body up, putting all of her weight on her arms, wiping her bottom lip of vomit with her chained wrist, almost smirking, looking down at the floor, "I told you... Master Trace won't stand for this... God up in heaven thy call forth your Templar," Thirteen quickly looked up at Simon, pure hatred filled her eyes, "Trace Archon!!"

Simon looked over at Thirteen while she spoke, "What the hell are you... wait.. Templar?!?" It was a few moments later the second goat demon paused and made a terrified expression, as did the other demons in the room. Suddenly a faint explosion was heard as the building shook slightly. Then the explosions suddenly became louder and the room shook harder as they got closer. The goat demon then quickly withdrew from Seven and got up on its hoofs. Now the explosions were much louder and now the screams of dying humans and demons could be heard.