...and I may have just wagered my return flight on a game of baccarat... Does anyone know how to play baccarat? Please tell me how to play baccarat in the next 20 seconds while I still haven't folded.... Can you fold in baccarat?

EDIT: well there goes my return flight. Does anyone own a ship that can sail around the world?

EDIT: They're taking me to the back room now. Apparently they don't allow laptops in casinos.

EDIT: They're beating me with cricket bats. I didn't even know they played cricket in Australia. Do they play cricket in Australia?

EDIT: I've escaped to some sort of air duct and now I'm at a turn. Should I go left, right, or turn around and shoot my way out?

EDIT: I went left and did a barrel roll and now I've ended up in some sort of restaurant that looks and feels like Burger King but, while there are burgers, I see no kings, only some guy named Hungry Jack.