Seven started to tremble, not as much as the demon's were, but enough to take notice, that is if anyone were actually paying attention to her. When the goat moved out from under her, Seven fell to the dirty floor, too weak and shaken with no energy to hold herself up. Thirteen never took her eyes off Simon and smiled, she knew what was on the other side of the door and she was enjoying watching the demons tremble. This was the first time she felt that a human was truly going to get what they deserved. "You should have listened..."

The explosions and screaming kept getting louder and louder, making Simon shake in fear. Suddenly all was silent for a moment or two. A blade made of pure fire then stuck through the door and burned hotter as the steel door melted like butter. Trace then step into the room and looked around. Rage filled the already pissed off Templar as his crimson eyes glowed brightly. Trace then lunged at the two goat demons cutting them in half and launched a wave of fire at the fish and snake demons. They screamed loudly as they turned to ash. The rage-filled Templar then took hold of the hornet, pulling it off and out of Seven then threw it on the ground and smashed its head in with his boot. Trace then turned his fiery gaze to Simon. Simon then took a few steps back and started to run for the door; however Trace was in front of him in a blink of an eye and grabbed him by the throat and picked him off the floor as his feet hanged. Simon pissed himself, "N-NO, wait, I am sure we can work this out!" Trace conviction didn't waver as he slammed him down onto the ground, "You have taken and violated two girls that I hold dear. As law with the Templar order, you are guilty of kidnapping, rape, and use of demons as well as sacrificing people to demons, you are to die, slowly and painfully." Trace then ripped off Simon's pants then took hold of his hand his and jewels and tore them off his body. Simon screamed in agony.

Seven put her hands over her head as the commotion started, letting out a frightful scream as the hornet was suddenly taken off her. She kept her head down and her eyes shut as she trembled. Thirteen's eyes widened seeing Trace and she jumped to her feet, or at least tried to if the chain connected to her collar wasn't keeping her low to the ground, "Master Trace!!" Seven finally looked up from where she was laying, her ears and tail perked up, knowing they were saved before they fell flat again, she was going to get in trouble for not staying with Pox or keeping Thirteen safe, she had failed. I'm sorry Master...

As Simon screamed Trace grabbed hold of a chain wrapped It around Simon's neck then threw the other end around a support beam and pulled Simon up to hang him. Simon kick his legs around and shook then suddenly stop. He left him there to hang. Trace then walked over to Seven and unchained her, "Oh that's not good." He said as he looked at her, "Your soul is starting to rot, I need to purify you." Trace then stood up and placed his fingers on her forehead, "God, please help your child who has been wronged with your cleansing fire." Suddenly fire engulf Seven, however the flame did not hurt or burn as it covered her. Once the flame went out her body started rejecting the eggs that were in her ass and vomited from the semen she has swallowed as well semen that had oozed into her pussy too forced out of her. As her body was cleansed she felt a heaviness on her chest lifted. Trace then reached over to Thirteen and unchained her and was about to purify her too, but he then noticed that nothing was wrong with her soul. Trace then fell to his knees and held Thirteen and Seven tightly, "Thank God your still alive." He then felt something wet on Thirteen's back and looked at his hand to see blood, "What?!" Trace then looked behind her to see her back covered in blood but not a single scratch. Trace then looked into Thirteen's eye with a bewilder look, "Thirteen, what happened here?"

Seven held Trace, still weakened she leaned on him for support. Thirteen looked up at Trace and smiled, as though nothing had happened. She wrapped her arms around him and rubbed her cheek against his, "Master Trace!! You came for us!!" practically ignoring his question, mainly since she wasn't entirely sure how to answer it. Seven looked down at the ground for another moment before looking up at Trace, "I'm sorry Master, you told us we weren't to have sex with anyone else and we did..." her voice was quiet, "... I tried to keep them away from Thirteen, but he... he told me that if I didn't do what he said... he'd send Thirteen into heat and get her pregnant..." tears started to fall from Seven's face into Trace's lap, "... and... and they did things to Thirteen... The man stabbed her -several times- and I saw her stomach bulge and... and.." Seven broke out crying, sobbing as she told Trace everything they did to Thirteen, never once mentioning anything that was done to her, never putting her own worries above Traces or Thirteen's.

Trace held his girls tightly and looked at the now dead Simon, "Don't worry, it's over with now." Trace then nuzzled them both lovely, "It's OK Seven, you did your best to protect Thirteen, you're not at fault, I should have never left you in the first place." Trace held his girls as close as he could as tears start to run down his cheek. Trace felt partly responsible for this as he left them behind when he knew he shouldn't have, as well this place was full of sadness, and normally Trace would have to concentrate to sense an emotion, however this place was so full of negative emotion that Trace could pick it up without even trying. Trace then looked up and wiped one of Seven's tears away with his thumb, "Now, look, they forced you and you weren't able to fight back, so Seven you did the right thing in trying to protect Thirteen, thank you." Trace then nuzzled Seven's cheek for a moment.