Thirteen looked up at Trace with a bright smile and shook her head just once, "Nope, I'm fine!" The pain was there but was quickly subsiding. Seven still felt as though she had a part to blame for not trying harder. She saw Simon hanging there and it sent a chill down her spine when she noticed the boy and the others still chained. Seven placed her hand on his chest "Master?" bringing attention to them.

Trace looked at where Seven was pointing and nodded, "Stay put." He said kindly Trace then walked over to Xander, "Are you alright?" The bunny-boy looked up at Trace as he was unchained, "As much as a 12-year old who just got raped is." was rather bluntly said. Trace raised a brow at him, "Go over there with the girls." He said softly then walked over to the elf. Trace sighed, Her soul has completely rotted away... Trace then walked over to the wolf-girl, ...and there's not much of hers left. Trace then used the purify spell on the wolf-girl. A little bit of life in her eyes but she didn't move all that much, just enough to cleansing onto Trace as he untied her; she was no older than 14. Trace then moved to the Harpy and his eyes widen, "Princess Lan?!?" He then purified her. Lan was 20 as she had all of her curves. She looked up at Trace with her purple eyes as she started balling. Trace looked at her , "Princess, I know you're in pain, but we need to get out of here." She nodded and allowed Trace. Once everyone was together Trace looked at Thirteen and Seven, "Can you walk?" He asked kindly

Thirteen stood , her knees a little shaky but she would be fine. Seven on the other hand could barely get to her feet without falling back to her knee's. In her old life she was use to having to please Caspain and his brother, on several occasions and at times both at the same time, but they didn't possess the ability to exhaust her as the goat-demon and hornet did. Thirteen held out her hand to try and help Seven, but as weak as Seven was, Thirteen didn't posses the strength to support Seven's weight as well as her own.

Trace ran his hand over his mouth and sighed and looked at the bunny-boy, "What's your name?" he asked. Xander looked up at him and told Trace his name. Trace nodded, "Xander, can you walk?" he ask. Xander stood up and nodded. Trace smile, "Good." Trace then looked at Lan, "Princess, can you carry this girl?" He pointed at the wolf-girl over his shoulder. Lan nodded, "Y-Yes." she then took the girl from Trace. Trace then knelt down and looked at Thirteen, "Thirteen, can you hold onto my back?" He ask as he pick up Seven with her legs over one arm and her back against the other. Trace then looked down at Seven, "Now hold onto me." He said sweetly.

Seven looked into Trace's eyes. She was normally an expert at hiding her pain, but today, with Trace for whatever reason, she no longer could. Trace could easily see the pain Seven was in, physically and emotionally as she nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck and burring her face in his chest, still crying. Thirteen climbed onto Trace's back and wrapped one arm over his right shoulder and the other underneath his left arm, resting her chin on his left shoulder by Seven's head and whispered, almost giggling, "See Seven... I knew he'd come for us..."

Trace then looked at the others, "OK follow me and stay close." he said. As they made their way out they could see that Trace really trashed to place, as there were holes and ash everywhere. After making it down four floors and two demons Trace managed to get to the loading area of the place. Trace then went up to a carriage that had a canapé on it and led everyone in it. Once he was in he laid Seven on the side and Thirteen next to her. Trace then looked at them, "Everyone, I'll get us out of here." Trace then looked at Seven and Thirteen, "You can count on me." He winked at them and got on the horse. After a while Trace had managed to sneaked themselves away from the brothel, Trace looked over his shoulder, "Pox is waiting for us outside of the city, and he has all of your clothing and weapons, and my camping gear." Trace paused a moment so they could get past some guards. Everyone could hear voices of guards talking and random people gossiping.
"The Mayors dead?"
"Some man when it an killed him"."
"Looks like he took the slaves too."
After a while it seemed to quite down. Trace then continued where he left off, "Pox and I found your cloths and weapon just laying on the ground, so that tells me someone used a half ass teleport gem." he said softly.

Seven and Thirteen stayed huddled under the bear pelt and looked over at the others. Seven looked down at the pelt before taking it off and laying it over the other two girls and the boy and sat next to Thirteen. She pouted at first but realized they were probably only in the room for a few hours, they had probably been there for days and needed it more than she did. "Ummm... Xander?" Seven continued to stare at the floor boards, "What.... what happened to your parents?"

Xander curled into a ball and looked at Seven, "They were killed in a caravan, well my father was, I don't know about my mother. In the process I was kidnapped and taken by bandits." He said softly
Trace looked up and around, he could see the guards seemed to be active as they looked like they were searching for something or someone, Looks like I really did kill the mayor, oh well. he sighed as he made the horse speed up a little faster.