Seven and Thirteen glanced at each other from the corner of their eyes and their ears lowered. Both thinking the same thing, It's her son... Neither girl sure if they should tell him or not. Thirteen scooted closer to him and wrapped her arm around the poor boy, knowing what he must be going through, having witnessed the death of a parent herself. Seven was there for her when she dealt with it, now it was her turn to help another slave in need.

Xander's eyes widen as Thirteen hugged him as tears started to pour out and then quickly past out to sleep. Trace smiled as they were almost all the way to the city gates, but the closer he got the more and more guards there were. After a moment they stopped, every carriage that was leaving the city was being searched. Trace chuckled, Word spreads quick. he thought as he was slowly inching closer to the guards. Suddenly one guard pointed out Trace to the others "You there, you fit the description, let us inspect your carriage." Trace made an annoyed look as one of the guards lifted the bear pelt to find everyone, "He's the one, hands up!" the guard barked. Trace looked up at the sky and smiled, "Tell me, what crime have I committed?" He asked in a joking manner. The guard looked at him with a pissed off expression, "You are suspected of killing he mayor and taking his slaves." Trace looked back at the guard, "Oh, well, they weren't his to begin with shit head" Trace then flipped his middle fingers at the guard and rolled back into the carriage just as Pox swooped down and picked the carriage up then flew off. Trace was flat on his back laughing. Trace then stuck his head out, "Thanks Pox!" he said with a smile. Pox then reached his head down and placed Seven and Thirteen's luggage in the carriage, "Fura sa, any time friend." he said and made a joyful roar.

After the initial shock of suddenly being picked up, Seven slowly crawled over near Trace, "Master?" her voice was quiet, not timid, she just didn't want to wake Xander up, the poor boy had been through a lot in the few hours she had known him, he probably needed his rest. Thirteen smiled at Xander and laid his head in her lap, stroking his furry ear. She really wanted to comfort him, but since he had fallen asleep, this was the best she could do at the moment.

Trace helped Seven get close as he gently pulled her to his side and let her head rest on his chest, "From here Pox will take use the rest of the way to Port Valley where the ship is." He said softly and reached for a pouched and pulled out some bear jerky. Trace then placed his hand under the bear pelt and wiggled a piece of jerky in front of Thirteen's face. He then handed some to Princess Lan and she fed the wolf-girl as well herself. Trace then realized, he was surrounded by four nude women and rolled his eyes and pulled the bear belt over Seven, it was not the right time to have such thoughts. Trace then took a bite of jerky and held the same piece towards Seven's mouth.

Thirteen's eyes widened with joy and she eagerly bit into the jerky. Seven sat up slightly and pulled the pelt closer towards herself and looked back at the others before shaking her head. She would wait until everyone else had eaten before she would, she wanted to make sure the others were fed, who knows when the last time they were fed. "Master... I..." her ears lowered, trying to think of what exactly she was trying to say, "... I want to thank you Master... for finding us..."

Trace pulled the jerky away and smiled at Seven and lovingly started to rub her ear, "Seven no man or beast would dare to stop me from finding you, and I will never leave you ever again. So thank you for staying alive." He said lovingly as he held her close to himself and kissed the top of her head. Trace with his hand that was draping the side of her held her left hand kindly. Trace then reached under the covers and reached for Thirteen's hand and held it. Trace then leaned his head back, "I am just happy your both are with me again." he said softly.

Seven gently closed her eyes and leaned her head into his hand and took comfort in Trace's words. Thirteen looked up at him as he held her hand and smiled, "Master Trace, what..." she looked down to make sure Xander was still asleep, "... what about Xander?"

Trace looked down at him, It's really hard to tell that he is a boy just by looking at his face... he thought as he looked down at him then back to Thirteen, "Well, one of three will happen when we get home. One, he could stay where I live back in the Templar temple. Two, he could stay and train to become a templar. Or three, but very unlikely, he can choose to go on his own path." He said kindly to the pink haired neko. Trace then looked over at the harpy, "Princess Lan, how did you get trapped back there?" he asked kindly. The princess adjusted her white feathers and looked at him, "I was taken in my sleep, I am guessing form the castle, some necromancers tried to get a ransom from my mother, the queen, but things fell through and ended up a slave. Thank you for saving me back there." she said kindly then looked down at the wolf-girl, "Why didn't you save the elf, she was my body guard." she asked, Trace shook his head, "she had passed on." he lied. Trace knew it would be worse to tell the truth that the elf's soul had rotted away. Lan looked out to the sky, "I see." she said softly.