This weekend I've been looking into PHP frameworks. Everyone raves about them, so I thought I might as well read through a bit of a documentation (I say a bit, really it's pages and pages and pages).

So far I've looked into CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel, Zend and Kohana. Whilst I like the idea of switching to MVC-based development (would make REST APIing easy) and URL routing is rather nice, I keep coming back to one issue in the back of my mind:

All these things are going to be bloated and slow as fuck.

Can anyone else who's worked with them offer an opinion? Over the years I've built my own toolset for things like encryption, cookie handling, input sanitisation, etc etc. I've already designed the wheel, so to speak, so switching to a framework doesn't really change anything for me. I think primarily what I'm searching for is a way to just switch to MVC, but surely I can do this super quickly by myself without the aid of a framework?