... Oh, hey

3 years ago

Yeah, so I'm pretty bad at posting, huh? I'll have a real journal soon. (Boy do I sound like a broken record) Full of life stories and... I dunno.. Questions and shit.

Anything new with you guys/girls? smiley13.gif

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  • BeardOfZeus


    3 years ago

    It's ok, I have been bad about journals lately too.
    And nothing new really except had a friends going away party and a friends 21st birthday party back to back this weekend so I slept 15 hours strait after consuming excess amounts of alcohol.

  • Meerkat_df


    3 years ago

    RTX is in less than 3 mounths!

    • Connor


      3 years ago

      Damn right! smiley13.gifsmiley13.gif