A Milestone Moment

3 years ago

We've had a lot of big milestones at Rooster Teeth. Surpassing one million members of our community site was one of our proudest moments. This has always been and always will be a community-focused place, and we thank you all for helping us keep it that way.

Today we have two more huge milestones to announce. With the release of today's teaser video, Red vs. Blue takes its place as one of the longest-running sci-fi shows on any platform, in any medium. Season 10 will officially begin on Memorial Day, May 28. This year we are very pleased to welcome Elijah Wood as a special guest star, portraying the creative and intriguing A.I., Sigma.

We are also excited, and a bit overwhelmed, to announce that the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel recently passed a staggering ONE BILLION views. That's right, billion with a "b." We have tried to create a fun and interesting mix of shows, from Achievement Hunter's awesome Fails, Horse and Rage Quit to our original live-action productions like RT Shorts and Immersion to hilarious animated series like Animated Adventures and of course, RvB. Thanks to everyone for embracing all of it so enthusiastically.

And also, thanks to every single person working at Rooster Teeth. Your passion and creativity is inspiring. Let's go for the next billion.

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  • SudharsanDha


    3 years ago

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  • nickst7719


    3 years ago

    Fuck yeah.. Sigma

  • sly25


    3 years ago

    You know whats cooler than a billion?... quadrillion and a nice pair of new shoes

  • natasha22


    3 years ago

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  • sarge79jc


    3 years ago

    Great news all around

  • Rubedo187


    3 years ago

    Congrats on everything you guys have been able to achieve so far. I look forward to seeing the other milestones you guys will without question reach in the future with ease.

  • Spectrum122


    3 years ago

    Glad to be a part of this and can't wait to see you guys break 2 billion

  • NHunt2125


    3 years ago

    Fuck Yeah! 1 Billion! Thats just amazing. Keep it up.

  • plummers


    3 years ago

    Congrats on the 1 billion views, you definitely deserve it :D

  • lachab


    3 years ago