I'm not even sure I know where to start! Firstly, for those who didn't know, about two and a half months ago, I went into work (at the bank I was working in) and they told me on the spot "This is your last day, we don't have enough work to justify you being here anymore - sorry." and that was that! Lucky for me, I am extremely driven by the bills I had to pay! and I got a job three days later! I now work in Marketing and I absolutely love it. The people I work with are fantastic and my boss is an incredible role model - I'm so lucky!
So far, I've worked on a national conference, a national Expo and I am currently working on my company's global catalogue! I am learning so much and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who had faith in me when I was down about losing my job. Just as you all said "maybe this was meant to happen - maybe there's something better waiting for you!". You were totally right.

RTOZ is set for June 16th and I have been working tirelessly towards making it bigger and better than last year. It's set to be held in a fancy smancy Bowling Lounge in Darling Harbour (which is like the city within the city of Sydney). We've been promoting more and utilising every avenue we can get a hold of in order to reach out to as many RvB & RT fans as possible. In saying this, I would LOVE for everyone to recognise the staff member of Roo Teeth who reds the shit out of things: Kim. He seems to be able to take the picture in my head (from my crappy drawings) and turn it into something incredible! I honestly do not know what I would do without him. Thanks Kim, you're the man!

A huge thank you to Burnie, Jack, Joel, Marshall and all of Rooster Teeth for your support of RTOZ. The plugs, the links, the mentions - there's no wonder of why I'm even organising this event. You guys are the reason that there's so many people who want to be a part of RTOZ. Thank you for recognising Australia as a big fan base and for making the effort to send RT Staff down under!

In saying all of this, my newest and perhaps biggest news of the past little while is my involvement with the newly establish Australian Licensing company; Hanabee. I worked with Hanabee at the Supanova conventions in Melbourne and in Gold Coast. I was in the booth, out of the booth and talking to the fans waiting in line, I was filming and photographing people and I was even asked for an autograph! Make sure you check out all the photos on Facebook! Sorry Schraver :P

Following on from that, I'm SO UNBELIEVABLY STOKED AND EXCITED AND OMG happy to announce the greatest news of all for me and for the development of Roo Teeth! Hanabee is now the official sponsor for RTOZ! Over the past few weekends, Hanabee took the promotion of RTOZ on board and plugged the absolute hell out of it to all the fans who visited the booth. I cannot express how grateful and excited I am. Eric, the President of Hanabee, has an incredible vision for his company and he's so excited to incorporate the fans of RT & RvB in it. It has been an absolute honour to work with him and his lovely co-worker my twin separated at birth (tooth brushes confirm this) Karen and I only hope that I get a chance to be a part of their adventure in future.

So tldr; I got fired, got a new job that I love, I'm organising RTOZ for June, I worked at Supanova in Melbourne & Gold Coast with the awesome new RvB & RT distribution company; Hanabee, Hanabee is now sponsoring RTOZ, I miss you all and pictures of busy my life are on Facebook.

Alas, while all of this craziness has been happening - I've lost touch with all of you! What have you been doing over the past few weeks? I want to hear all about it!

Last but not least, I'd like to give a special hug to Brandon for staying strong and continue to work so hard in order to achieve his goals (including RTMN!). You're an inspiration and I bet your Pa is so proud of you. I know I am.