You know...I was really excited to go back to Benghazi. Libya has been on the ups and downs since the end of the war. some good, some bad. Sometimes my faith in the progress of the country is renewed, sometimes i'm just saddened by the idiocy that i see.

I've basically made a promise to myself that I would give this transitional government until Jan of 2013 to make a decision on what I think the progress of the county is, but today my heart is just too hurt to not make a statement.

The problem with coming out of a war like this is that you have quite a few of the bad running around creating havoc while everyone is trying to rebuild and reform. case in point: Friday, April 26th, 3:30 am Libya time, the newly renovated court house was blown up by unknown scum:


The thing is: I know the person who worked hard and spent blood-sweat-and-tears into renovating this courthouse for the people, and in a single night...BOOM (literally) it all went for nothing. The force of the blast was heard all over the city, and caused windows of near by buildings (including my company's building) to shatter.



It moments like this that really break my heart. We dont know who did it or why (-1 for whatever form of investigative process in here). Speculation is that some scum dont want their criminal files to be re-opened, some say its remnant daffy scum causing chaos, some say its because of drunk/drugged scum, and a lot of here-say left and right.

This is all coming right when voter registration just ended that previous day for the city of Benghazi. Everyone was excited about voting in the up coming elections in June, and THIS had to happen.

I wonder what the people will do next. We're sick of scums causing havoc and the lack of solid law-enforcement. I fear if nothing is done soon, people might result of vigilantism (to be honest, i'm almost for it)

I was hoping I would bring back some better news, but this just really depressed the hell out of me.

can i get a -1 WTF over here?

you can see other pics on my album here.

Hasbuna Allah Wa Nemal Wakeel (For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs.)