A New Chapter

3 years ago

I know I usually write a lot of sarcastic journals and I'm never super serious about anything, but this journal is going to be a little different.'

Tomorrow is my first day of "work" at RoosterTeeth. The reason I put work in quotations is I don't consider what I'm going to be doing work. I'm going to be doing something I love to do and get paid to do it. I'm extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and I'm very thankful for it. I wouldn't be here without any of you. I want to thank everyone who watched my videos over the past few years. Whether you loved them or hated them, you still watched and commented, and because of that I kept making videos. I bought new equipment & learned some new things just so I could make my videos as informative and entertaining to you THE PEOPLE, and it was worth every penny.

I will admit, I am still scared about the whole thing. I left my family/friends in New York to pursue a career at RoosterTeeh, but then again I have a feeling everything is going to work out smiley0.gif Also on a complete side note, you guys got me to number 2 most watched on the site! So big thanks to all of you for that!

This is crazy, I can't believe I made it this high up!

Once again I wanted to thank every single one of you for everything you've done for me the past few years. I know for a fact, without you I wouldn't be here or have this opportunity smiley1.gif I promise to continue to make informative and entertaining videos for you guys, while I'm at Achievement Hunter. Most importantly, I will continue to do and say stupid shit for your entertainment. Like this for example smiley8.gif

RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter here I come! MY BODY IS READY smiley11.gif

TL:DR - Stop being lazy and read for once smiley12.gif

Comments (84)

  • Rickyjuk


    2 years ago

    Heroes are those you look up to, admire, and pursue to be compared to them. Everyone has a hero, wether it be Ash Ketchum or Tuxedo Mask, my hero, is you, Ray. Dammit I told myself I wouldn't cry while writing this, now I gotta wipe my stupid keyboard off, and even then it'll get all humid from the heat from my battery, causing my hands to become very moist and uncomfortable, ultimately creating an awkward handshake with the father of my prom date. Screw it, I LOVE YOU MAN <3 #bromance

  • Leo_B


    3 years ago

    First started as a Achievement Hunter community member and now your working at Achievement Hunter. What a ride it must of been

  • TLgamer


    3 years ago

    Your videos are funny because like you said you do stupid shit and your awesome.

  • Arcaded


    3 years ago

    can I be your personal assistant.............I'll do anything to work at roosterteeth and I mean anything...............

  • Nick


    3 years ago

    Good luck dude!

  • XxLJohnsonxX


    3 years ago

    im so jealous dude

  • Flyhawk8


    3 years ago

    Good luck Ray, love your videos man keep up the awesome work.

  • Darkhologram


    3 years ago

    Dude. I'm so jelly, but then, you deserve it so much. Your videos are awesome...

  • PvtChuckles


    3 years ago

    Hope your first day is good and be careful of blonde girls sticking duct tape on your arms.

  • Milk


    3 years ago

    You probably won't see this, but I sincerely don't give a shit.
    The work you and guys like Michael and Brandon do has made me go through one of the roughest parts of my life. Your videos cheered me up when I had nothing to look up to, and made me found this new life. And god dammit is it beautiful. I know I'm just another one of the fans, but you have no idea how much guys like you mean to me. You guys care about THE PEOPLE and you interact with them in a daily basis, and go out of your own way to entertain them or cheer them up.
    You're one of the greatest persons I've ever met Ray, believe it. I'm in tears!
    I'm such a fucking faggot.
    Who gives a shit.