Greetings and salutations-

Keep meaning to hop on here and say hello. No time like the present, eh? So, uh, hello RT world!

Name's Gray. I started here at RT last year, working as a VFX artist / digital compositor on the CG sequences of RvB season 9, around... ep10, I think? The training sequence that "introduced" Tex to the Freelancers. Anyhow, with the exception of a tiny bit of editing/fx work for the live action guys, I disappeared for a time after season 9 wrapped, off working on other stuff. But I've been back here cranking away ever since the kickoff of season 10. (and, not unrelated, finding myself in an unending and escalating nerf dart war -- Kerry just gaff-taped a foam bayonet to his semi-auto. Really, dude? Really?? Bring it! --BTW, be sure to wish him a happy birthday today.)

Seems like the action scene shown at PAX went over well. ...? Side note to those who caught it live at PAX or via the bootlegs online, no, like the gang said, that was really not the final state of that sequence. The edit, sound, lighting, heck even the animation itself in some shots, were all works in progress.

Anyhoo, I'll try to keep this feed updated on a semi-regular basis. I used to do a ton of anime and game voiceover work, theatre, etc. These days, the focus is pretty consumed by live action production, animation, and now RvB! But I'm happy to talk about anything.

Man, are we already less than a month to go before season premiere?! Um, back to work.