Hey RT,

The time has come. After reminiscing about your favorite game moments last week, it's time for you guys to vent all of your frustrations against the virtual bastards that made your life a living hell!

What is a level you played over and over again because you JUST COULDN'T BEAT IT?

There's a little Michael Jones in all of us. Why don't you let him out in this journal?

My answer:
[EDIT: Totally just realized my answer wasn't posted]
Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Level: The Fire Temple

Surprised? Yes, it is true; I had an insanely difficult time traversing the Fire Temple because of a STUPID LEDGE THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST! Okay, so SPOILER ALERT, there's a room in the Fire Temple where you jump around on metal platforms while a wall of fire chases you. In this room, there is a locked door. Now, this door sits atop a rather tall structure in the middle of the room and it appears that trying to jump to this ledge would end with a dip in the lava pit. So, I tried everything else. Hook Shot? Nope. Bombs? Nope. Hammer? Nope. Every single song on the god damned ocarina? That's a big NOPE.
Finally, I cracked. I looked up a guide, I searched for the Fire Temple, and I couldn't believe what I read.

"Jump to the ledge..."


All I had to do was JUMP!? BULLSHIT! There was no way that little fairy boy could make such an impossible leap!

But of course...it worked.

But you know what? I still think it's bullshit. The climbing animation is totally off, you should not be able to make that jump, and dear god, NAVI IS USELESS.

Whew! Glad that's out of my system! smiley12.gif