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3 years ago

I don't know if you heard over here on Rooster Teeth's homebase, but on our OTHER video channel we just hit ONE BILLION views. It's a huge milestone and we are very proud of it. To say thanks for getting us there, we made you the following love note. Joel got off-message a little.

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  • natasha22


    3 years ago

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  • RTshortsFan2


    3 years ago

    Rooster Teeth is on the way to world domination and I couldn't stop laughing at Burnie when he said "Do it and you're fired I don't care who wrote it" hahahahahahahaha showing who's boss =D

  • p0rtal2159


    3 years ago

    Happy 8 to 9 years Rooster Teeth and Achevement Hunters! Great job getting over 1 billion veiws. *snicker* We love you, We love you, We love you... Joel, FUCK YOU!

  • taking_a_Wii


    3 years ago

    background of whiteness (also redness and darkness)
    is an official trade-mark of tobby turner!
    therefore RT = gabuscus (you'll be seeing toby in court)

    BTW Congrats and enjoy the being prosecuted!
    (if you could convince toby to do collab you would be possum grade ossum 4 life even if your jack!)

  • cassandrawrr


    3 years ago

    I love everything about this video.

  • ConnorBuckin


    3 years ago

    Do do it or you're fired

  • Enpalzagc


    3 years ago

    I love you RT, in a totally gay way... no homo!

  • LeGioNofZioN


    3 years ago

    My name is Nicolas Ian Cruickshank and I approved this message

  • TearofGrace


    3 years ago

    God Bless all things RoosterTeeth...

    ...May there always be a cone to protect us in our darkest hour...

  • karma227


    3 years ago

    Congrats guys! I'm glad to give to all my views and moneyz! :D