Since i officially signed up on this site so that i could download the RvB episodes before the general public :P

I think ima tell you all the story about how i found RvB. I was googling Limp Bizkit songs late 2003. Yeah i like Limp Bizkit, what you gonna do? Anyway i LOVED Break Stuff and i stumbled across RvB Episode 0 - The Trailer that had that song playing in the background the whole time. It was awesome. That then motivated me to check out this website where i found this trailer (which i thought was hilarious) I also downloaded Episode 1 in LoRes Quicktime. Y'all remember those days? After watchin the trailer and Episode 1 a billion times, I then forgot all about the website for about a year, so when i came back, and they were about to finish Season 1, i quickly downloaded each episode individually. On my dial up. Each 7-10MB episode took all night to download, but i still did it and brought the new eps to school on my 128MB USB for my friends to watch with me. I never signed up on the website because this was back in the day where everyone wanted to either steal all your money or use your details to find and rape you. But i eventually smartened up and made an account. For 2 years that account had nothing but an Iron Man pic as the DP.

But after i heard that Matt, Geoff and Grffon were coming to OZ, i started to use it more, to find more information about when and where. I had no one to stay with in Sydney so I organised a hotel room with Indiefaerie and her friend Dylan. On this weekend i met coolcaiti and so many others who i now call the greatest friends i've ever had.

So in short, Limp Bizkit led to RvB which led to all of you. smiley12.gif