Achievement Unlocked

3 years ago

Complete your first week at RoosterTeeth smiley0.gif

My first week at RT has been a blast. Everybody (as expected) is super cool and the office is just an awesome place overall. I got my office setup on Thursday so I didn't make too much content this week, but hopefully next week that'll change. Learning how to use a mac, use finalcut and learn how to upload everything has been challenging, but I'm sure i'll get it down eventually.

It was very cool to be on HORSE, Let's Play, & The RT Recap this week. If you haven't already check them out! smiley0.gif

A lot of people have been asking to see what my desk looks like so here are some shitty quality pictures I took with my cellphone.

Overview of the desk

Left side of the desk. Shout out to the wonderful Courtney for getting me the flowers and teddy bear smiley12.gif

My iMac with a sweet Achievement Hunter wallpaper I stole from Sean's facebook page

This sits at the bottom of my iMac. It's the Achievement Hunter logo made in pixel art by none other than the very talented Jill

Finally, here's a picture showing the keyboard and mouse

Enjoy your weekend everyone! I'm gonna go celebrate my national holiday now smiley8.gif

Comments (60)

  • tacovader99


    3 years ago

    b.o.b cool rapper just say

  • Streez


    3 years ago

    grats man the office should get you a cake

  • Eeyahboy


    3 years ago

    Stop being a camera whore Ray.
    You stole the job i would never get in any life time.

  • bigmak93


    3 years ago

    When I clicked on "national holiday" I was shocked and kinda disappointed that it wasn't linking Meatspin. PERFECT OPPORTUNITY, RAY!!! GAWD!! *flips the table and storms out*

  • SebastianSB


    3 years ago

    I'm disgustingly jealous of you and already working on my plan to replace my face with your own. I just need to practice biting my lip.

  • qwaungardner


    3 years ago

    nice teddy

  • Skully821


    3 years ago

    I looked and these pics and then at my desk....sigh*. You're just too cool bro <3

  • Snooper_1989


    3 years ago

    Seeing you on Recap made my day, no homo.

  • SwizzyBeatz


    3 years ago

    If you keep unlocking achievements for working there every week in 10 years you'll have 1 million G.Sorry if I messed up I suck a math :)

  • ClairBear89

    ClairBear89 Gaming Artist

    3 years ago

    I want the iMac so bad. Granted I love my Mac book Pro but I want a big screen so much...... also I want the t.v that you have for your gaming. Basically I want everything.