Check out Part.2 HERE

Due to my crap ass, minimum wage day job and some killer storms last night, I haven't been able to make too much progress on the game. But this is what i have so far

So first I went out to and grabbed a still from the Animated Adventures (Animated by the one and only JayorDan)


Brought it in to Photoshop and cut out around Geoff to create an alpha texture. Saved it as an interlaced PNG.
(This is just placeholder textures until I can convince JayorDan to work with me for some high quality ones)


Then, created an empty GameObject and attached the Geoff alpha texture to a simple plane and parented the two objects. Then created some hit boxes for the pellet from the slingshot to hit against.


Next, I started on some AI scripting for the targets. Nothing too complex yet, though now Geoff will randomly walk across the screen, stop and look behind him, before turning back around and walking off the screen.


More AI behaviors to come. This is the slow part.
Thanks for following!!!

Part.4 is HERE