With how paranoid the world is now with North Korea issuing full fledged declarations upon South Korea, Iran's nuke weapons program, Greece's allowable entrance of the Golden Dawn Neo-Nazi party into its congress, and a major socialist president for France (you could say Vlad Putin being president for a 3rd time in Russia is a big thing but he's always kept to himself, even though I will have people telling me otherwise) that its now reached a point where the Dark Ages of Religion are coming back in fuller force. That article pretty much says the following "We respect your beliefs but you have to be of these religious denominations, if you don't believe in God then we can put you on trial and kill you no reasons"

A load of Uber-Religious people point that Atheism is pure evil due to that some of modern histories most infamous men have been Atheists such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, and so on and so forth but there have also been quite a few Atheists who have gone on to good trying to help man, Charles Darwin was a firm believer in God until he studied Evolution than realized it was Nature that created us and not a Divine Being which we have no proof exists. Stephen Fry says the importance of unbelief is essential in order to achieve ones destiny, its not pre-ordained its your choice to do what you want. Eddie Izzard claims that Spirituality can be good for you but by putting faith in a book and a invisible being is what hurts the world. But for certain governments (Iran in particular) are so terrified of people not following Islam they condemn to death DAILY hundreds of atheists, the issue with Organized Religion is that it promotes that you have to listen to what this book says otherwise you are an agent of evil and will spread hatred. Im Agnostic in honesty (Atheist-lite as I call it as unless its proven to me it doesnt exist where Atheists just dont flat out believe it) and I've always questioned what's printed and said.

Its up to the people to realize Atheists, Agnostics and others who just dont care are not evil, but are Human Beings like you, me, and have full right to practice and follow what they please.