Part.5 Journal Here

Not a lot of progress today with my day job sucking away most of my available time : /
But here is what I did manage to get done.

I added point values to each spawn node based on distance from the camera. I figured the farther away the target, the harder to hit, so more points should be awarded.
Then I created the pointKeeper object with the HUD point readout.

After working out some kinks in the collision detection I added a popup GUI object that displays the exact point amount awarded for each target hit. The popup object pulls the point value off the target object then disappears after half a second.

*DISCLAIMER: I am NOT using the RTAA style for the game. This is just a placeholder until a replacement style is found*

Check out Part.7 HERE

Anyway, thats all i got done today.
Its my 21st BDay today, so im going to go relax a bit.
Thanks for all the support from everyone!!