Trip to Rooster Teeth Productions

3 years ago

*A note that I would like to make before I start off, I am usually someone who is totally under control and was completely calm before I approached the door...*

So today I made a trip to Austin, which was like not that far away, for the main reason of touring the Rooster Teeth Studio. After a long and grueling...3 hour friend and I arrived at Rooster Teeth Productions, very nervous because we weren't sure if they would even let us tour the Studio. I wore my awesome Codex shirt since none of my RT shirts were clean. I probably should've thought this through ahead of time....

We get up to the door after getting our stuff ready, we knock, and Kara answers the door. Now mind you, I am already just excited to see the studio, now I get to meet my first RT staffer. I didn't want to make a bad impression, so when she helps us get our DVDs ready(by way of taking the sleeves out), my hands were shaking like they were experiencing an earth quake.

So...thankfully when we got to see the Achievement Hunter office and the tech office, I was able to shake off the nervousness and I got to meet Geoff, Ray, and Michael (awesome dudes by the way)!

Then we went through the various studio areas, which by the way, all the tour videos on youtube do not do any real justice to how awesome this studio was. The top of the stairs was so cool and being able to see the work stations up close, it made me really want my own production studio. My friend's favorite part was probably the HUGE FREAKING Green Screen that they have. Once again, the tour videos do absolutely no justice to how big that screen is. The motion capture area was pretty sweet to see, only a few of the animators were there, but that's okay. I am sure that they are probably busy busy for season 10! :D

Then at the end of the tour, Kara took a picture of my friend and I in front of the studio. Terrific way to end a tour! That studio was amazing, the people there are really awesome, and to think that Rooster Teeth started out in Burnie's spare bedroom...

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