Let's do this! I'll be updating this journal over the next 6 hours! All the madness in real time!!

Feel free to fire away any questions at any point!

First off, shout out to our friends over at RT PHILLY!! They've got a wicked podcast marathon going!!

It's a beautiful day in Vancouver!

Who could this be?

Luke McKay, DMZilla and Jose will be having a panel about their projects. Can't wait to see some Steamfunk.

Show's about to get underway! So excited.

KEYNOTE was super inspiring!

Dave Olson, Hootsuite's VP of Community rocked this.

"Art makes the future!"
"Art has lost meaning."
"The stuff that lasts 100 years are things in shoeboxes... the personal."
"Everyone's got something weird share about them. If it's weird please publish it."
"Take risks and you'll see what people don't."


Next up


Music demo!

Nico is playing some NEW Red Vs. Blue music that has never been heard before! "Except by some guys in Texas."

Next time you see him, ask him about the "Superman" effect in his music!


Here's to the crazy folks at INTERNET BOX, who've got a stream going. Today is a perfect storm of community action!

That's why I love it here. Let's all meet up and have a party in Austin in two months!

The fantastic gents from LOADING READY RUN are onstage and telling us about Desert Bus. Good guys raising money for a great cause!

RE: My shirt, for those asking.

This is what is commonly known as an IRISH CAR BOMB. Had my first at RvBTO. Come join us for another!