When you're working working working, you can often miss out on things are are incredibly important.
Unfortunately, I missed out on three incredible important occasions. I only hope that the people involved in these occasions know that I love them dearly and am working hard so that I can see them soon at RTX because I miss them.

Happy Happy Birthday, to you, you and you! I hope your future Birthdays are all happy too!

JamesKryack - You've been the kind of friend that I can tell anything to and you wont judge me. You have the guts to say "well, maybe you shouldn't do that or think that" and I would always trust you because you've taken the time to get to know me for me. You understand me and you're someone who I trust with my life. It may seem silly to say that, especially as we've become to close when there's "a pond between us", but when you have such a fierce friend - you just know that that person is someone you can rely on and depend on with everything you have; and I do. Thank you for inspiring me every day. For being so consistent in everything you do and for making time for me when ever I have asked it of you. Never, ever stop being you because being you helps me to stay true to myself. Please keep writing so I can keep reading. James, you are so incredibly important to me - even if I don't show it as often as I should. I hope you had an incredible birthday and I can't wait to give you a big birthday hug in Austin!

Michael - Since we became friends, you've been someone I am always stoked to chat to. You keep me motivated and remind me of the many reasons why I do the things I do. You listen and you give me advice when I'm at my lowest; bringing me back to the person I always strive to be. You're a constant reminder that even though I mightn't have all that many friends here - it's okay, because the world isn't a big scary place when there are people like you in it. Thank you. Thank you for brightening my life and for being such an active part of it. Thank you for motivating me and inspiring me and not giving up on me when I go AWOL. Your friendship means so much to me; more than words can describe. I absolutely can't wait to give you a huge hug in Austin. happy Birthday, Mike.

Landon - I remember how insanely honest and friendly you were when we first met in Texas. You're someone who is continuously inspiring me to work harder and to appreciate all of the incredible opportunities that I get. While I mightn't tell you often enough, you really are someone that I look up to. Everything you've done and everything that you're doing is just crazy and it helps when I look at my schedule and go "Oh dear." that I know someone else is feeling that same burn; the difference being that you wear it in your stride! I always appreciate your encouragement and your belief in me. You are such a lovely, genuine person and I cannot wait to see you again at RTX. Thanks for always motivating me and I hope you had the best birthday ever. Of all time.

Happy Birthday to these seriously special people. smiley12.gif