Season 10 Metrics. #RVB

3 years ago

Holy Smokes folks.


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Yes, you are reading that correctly. More then double.

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Yea, Our "day to day" traffic looks like nothing in comparison to a RVB Release cycle. This image can be a little misleading, because during a "sponsored release" we have tons of people already on the website waiting for the public release to drop.

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  • zangetsu115


    3 years ago

    Now that just goes to show how amazing Red vs Blue is and has become =D i remember back in my day there was just the red team and the blues in blood gulch, and nobody knew any thing about project freelancer.Great job Rooster Teeth!!

  • LoganDufek


    3 years ago

    Season 10 will be amazing. This is not opinion it is fact. I have already seen improvement in the smoothness of the animations from the Freelancers but especially the Director and Counselor.

  • Speez

    Speez The Great

    3 years ago

    Shows how much the fanbase of RvB has grown

  • TheMikeSwitch


    3 years ago

    Ah yes the infamous sponsor early release- wearing out F5 keys everywhere :)

  • MathiJon


    3 years ago

    i think its a little bit also that season 9 was released when alot of people were maybe on vacation i know at least i was

  • Parasitoidi


    3 years ago

    How did yesterdays release went?

  • RaynerNg


    3 years ago

    Damn! That's cool

  • Lyokoisgreat


    3 years ago

    no wonder i had trouble resting my password and logging in last week

  • CrankyBear


    3 years ago

    Its all overrated anyway.

  • p0150n


    3 years ago

    thats because it was in the news paper for all of you who live in austin