Today's first Honorable Mention goes out to aeon1. smiley13.gif

aeon1, I'm so sorry for forgetting to add your part in the story of "Speed and Locken's great pilgrimage to the holy land". Tis true we met at random in the Austin airport. You were my first interaction with a fellow RT member. All due to the fact that Bill and I weren't sure if we had missed our ride with another fellow RT member to the Double Tree, or not. As I recalled we spotted you out with thanks to your RT swag and wondered if you were also waiting for the same ride. After friendly greeting and banter we discovered that you were waiting for a different RT Community Member transport system. Few minutes later our ride arrived and we parted ways. It was kinda funny that entire weekend we had tons of random run-ins. Granted it was kind of easy being that there was only 500 of us attending, it was still nice to see a familiar friendly face. I was sorry to find out that during the BarCrawl competition with SideQuest your team had split apart in classic Freelancer fashion and joined Red Team. I'm tellin you, you wouldn't see the Blues doing such a thing, even if we're losing. Hint, Hint; join Blue Team.
So aeon1, you are the one RT friend I've got that can say you were first to befriend me... and apparently the first to also have been watching me.
Proof, Locken was pool side.
I look pretty buff in this photo if I do say so myself, and I think I am.

I'm glad to have met you and count you as one of my RTX amigos. Hope to see you again at RTX '12.