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3 years ago

Hope you guys enjoyed our inaugural sponsor chat live stream! To get a perspective of how crazy it got, check out this graph:


That's a few messages.

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  • Darknigh90


    3 years ago


  • Dopp

    Dopp ROLL TIDE

    3 years ago

    I only post this here because I cannot see the button to add a ticket and I cannot get to your comments page. It's because of this:


    I'm on an iPhone 4 latest update and on a 3G network. It's like this on every page.

  • Snooper_1989


    3 years ago

    I missed out on the live chat because I was asleep but I'm loving the new chat system. The only thing it's really missing is the ability to change each comment so it takes up less vertical space, like decreasing the avatar size and possibly putting in a time stamp next to the user name and removing the reply button? Something that makes it more chat like?

  • DomEReapeR


    3 years ago

    Tried joining but there was no actual chat for me =/

  • zaaland99


    3 years ago

    Any chance of being able to view the stream post live. I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses things likes this often due to odd schedule or time zones but still enjoys watching them after the fact.

  • Gar_Hardt


    3 years ago

    That's fantastic and crazy all wraped up into one. As was the live stream. Looking forward to the next one and to see what else ye have in store for us. Thanks for the third greatest gift ever, laughter.

  • Aaron


    3 years ago

    Can't wait for the next one! stream1.jpg

    • Golney86


      3 years ago

      What is up with the Brazzers tag?

  • Crossmenjeff


    3 years ago

    thanks for adding the reply feature so quickly, in the chat i asked if as time goes on we could see features such as chat descriptions/ tags to help users find the chatrooms they'd most like to be in. It would also help reduce the number of duplicate rooms and help keep conversations on topic.

  • MightyEfase


    3 years ago

    No wonder you didn't read my messages smiley8.gif

  • ilJexli


    3 years ago

    It was a good thing yall did Ben congrats man