So I met some buddies known as The PosseQE, and we made our camp bigger then proceeded to raid the everloving shit out of Starry and then the NW Airbase. We had three consistent hours of the most tight squad play I've ever seen in a game. We only had one person with a silenced weapon, so we set up a procedure whenever a zed attacks us, we barrel rolled to victory while our silent rifleman took out zeds as they tried to attack us to no avail.

We started our raid at the server reset, so it was pitch black and nobody was on, save for one poor soul that we toasted on our way to the NW airbase. The highlight of the night was when shit semi hit the fan in NWAB when one of our guys got knocked down and knocked out, so we scrambled to get him up and moving again. In the process of doing this, we aggro'd at least a dozen zeds and then brought them ALL to the hangar we were currently looting. Our rule of thumb for the night was always "weapons cold" so that we could keep our noise down and avoid unnecessary combat. As soon as the two of us got into the hangar with our three other squadmates, someone said "WEAPONS HOT!" and the most glorious stream of automatic fire poured out from our AK's and M16's for about two seconds, and then complete silence. And then one of the biggest collective "FUCK YEAH!" moments I've ever had in my gaming career.

Cut to the end of the night, we managed to find our camp in the dead of night, stashed our phat loot, and took some victory photos.

and the king of the fire also made an appearance