I hear there's a pretty big convention being held next weekend, on the 7th - 8th July in Austin Texas.

Guess i best get my little ass down there:



2 July:: Melbourne to Sydney to LA to Austin with the aussies to hang with everyone at RTX
11 July: Missouri to see some non RT friends
16 July Nashville, Tennessee to see some friends who used to frequent RT
26 July New York City to see @Visceral
31 July home back to Melbourne

I've had enough of rain, grey skies and feeling like crap from the cold. Warm sunny days here I come.

Does anyone want a hug from a little (5'1) Chinese Aussie? (ChAussie)

Can't wait to see all you awesome people! smiley13.gif

Additional info:

Because it took so long for me to book the airfares I wasn't able to afford to go to RvBTO and a couple other states in America. Sending out massive e-hugs for you all and I hope I'll get to see you one day smiley12.gif