Glad to finally introduce Theta to the world. He's been written into the series for a while and is one of the most referenced characters that had yet to be featured in a scene. He appeared briefly in Reconstruction and was heavily talked about in Recovery One, but it's nice to finally give him a chance to shine. No pun intended. The animation team did an excellent job bringing him to life and capturing his essence; they are really killing it this season. The testing scene in today's episode was actually the very first scene in the original draft of Season 10. I wanted to show how far the Freelancers had come in their training since the end of Season 9. Ultimately, we decided to start with a battle sequence to get the audience immediately pumped up.

The dynamic between North and Theta is an important one. It shows just how much the AI help the Freelancers use their equipment, but more importantly it clearly demonstrates the value of Counsellor's psych profiles and matching system. No one could nurture Theta's child-like persona the way that North can.

Theta is voiced by a child actor we hired. He is not voiced by any of the RT staff's kids. The (creepy) Theta voice in Season 6 was done by me.