So this is my post RTX journal. The title points to my attitude to only being able to attend half of the event, and let's be honest half of awesome is still awesome smiley8.gif

If you want to see some of my pictures from the event go to my images tab. I didn't get too many good pictures because I didn't have a good camera so enjoy my crappy iPhone photos. Plus I was too busy enjoying RTX and meeting all the Rooster Teeth people to remember to take photos. I actually got a ton of autographs throughout the weekend and forgot to get a picture with everyone who signed my autograph book.

Let me quickly share how the whole weekend went. I left on Friday to drive to Austin. Got there about 3pm & quickly got registered at the convention center. There was no line & the Guardians were extremely energetic and helpful. Then I checked into my cheap-ass hotel about a five minute drive away and relaxed. Went back to downtown for dinner at the Iron Cactus. Had some yummy fish tacos and a Lone Star. It was still early for the SideQuest Child's Play charity silent auction cocktail that is a long title. Anyways, I needed to kill time so I went to Starbucks where I met a nice Chinese man named Don. I also met to fellow RTX'ers there.

Finally got to the SideQuest event and it was a lot of fun. I spent most of my time near the auction items because I really wanted to support Child's Play and there were some great items up for auction. I was doing my best to get Jordan's (Jayordan) special Horse Puncher comic, but sadly I got outbid. So I moved to a really cool autograph book made by @Oddree13 that was more in my price range.

Even though most people went after the big items like the paintings or Burnie statue I am really glad I got the autograph book. It is a unique item that is now filled with many signatures from Rooster Teeth. I even was lucky to get a few signatures right as the SideQuest event was ending because a good amount of RT people arrived. This saved me having to wait in really long lines on Saturday for autographs.

I realize that this description of RTX is getting way too long. So let me quickly summarize the rest of the weekend.
Saturday: sat in lines, stood in lines, got grifball plushie, got Luke McKay'd and bought his whole collection of Balls2That comics, checked out Immersion museum, got many autographs, went to the LNJJ panel (and it was awesome!), gave @kzuelch her custom Tex action figure and got a hug from her smiley11.gifsmiley13.gif , then I went home.
Sunday: was at home
Monday: got up super early to drive back to Austin to go to the SideQuest lunch at Salt Lick. It was worth the drive for the amazing bbq and to meet some more fellow RT fans.

So all I can really say is RTX 2013 cannot get here fast enough. smiley12.gif