RTX Lost and Found

3 years ago

Did you lose something at RTX? Because we found some stuff. If you lost something at the event email [email protected]

Please describe what you lost and if we have it, we will re-unite you with it.

Comments (86)

  • stephenramse


    3 years ago

    lost a job because of RTX got any thing of that nature laying around!?

  • Capt_Korea13


    3 years ago

    i think i lost my copy of halo 4 there

  • PFC_Demers


    3 years ago

    I dropped my pocket...oh wait I found it nevermind.

  • Gallid


    3 years ago

    My son lost his Mega Blocks Halo figure, he was a sad little boy...

  • Hunter240


    3 years ago

    I do remember misplacing my kidney.....

  • Seekah


    3 years ago

    I'm sure Joel's still wandering around out there. If you find him can you send him back please?

  • stealth_nade


    3 years ago

    will the unclaimed items be auctioned off as a whole, for childsplay of course

  • JohneBravo


    3 years ago

    I my lost fleshlight maybe Jack knows where it is.

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  • HeadshotDH


    3 years ago

    I lost my 100,000 pounds worth of bbq sauce

  • shellavation


    3 years ago

    I lost my ticket to next year's RTX. If you could send it back that would be great.