First off -- To the tech team at RTX -- You know who you are. Thank you so much. You guys are literally the reason thousands of people online got to see RTX Live, anyone watching online owes you great thanks. You guys are the reason the AH Lounge went off without a hitch. You guys were trying things to recover those systems so far above my head, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you all oh so much, hopefully next year we'll have a more defined "tech" team at RTX 2013 -- All of you apply again for Guardian. If you worked with me on tech this weekend, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Second! The SWTOR Drunk Tanks are no longer lead by Jack or Myself. It seems that a few of our members decided to mutiny the guild out of Jack & my hands, and it seems Bioware just gives away a guild without any contact to the current leaders. We didn't even know the users were attempting to do this until it was out of our hands. After stealing the guild -- said members claimed they should be admins in mumble because they're the guild leader, and the situation has only gotten worse. I log in, and get immediately harassed for "killing the guild", "being a traitor" ect. -- Know this was not my intent. If i had a reason to play Star Wars -- I would play star wars. From what I've been told -- me and my team have been kicked from the guild. I appologize for not being the best guild leader. I wipe my hands of anything that happens at this point. Know that "The Drunk Tanks" on shadowlands are no longer associated with RoosterTeeth or AchievementHunter in any way. To the MSDC & those who supported us -- You guys fuckin rock, and are in EVERY good memory of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I look forward to raiding competitively with you all in future games.

Now, ON A HAPPIER NOTE. You heard it -- I'm playin' RIFT. Almost a year after launch, 13 months of polish, 3 tiers of raid content, instant adventures, full blown LFG tool, loads of max-level content, everything sounds golden. Click this Link if you want to try out the game, and play with some of us. We're playing on Greybriar. At the current moment, we don't have a guild setup or anything, and after the catastrophe that was the SWTOR guild, I might not lead one. Let me be perfectly clear though. I play whatever I want. I could play RIFT for 3 weeks and decide its not my thing. Just in the last 2-3 months, I've went from SWTOR, D3, DayZ, and now Rift. I play games. I play alot of games, and I switch games constantly. Do not get upset if in 1 month I stop playing. If you wanna swing by and play, we hang out in mumble server. Server: Port: default. password: tdt. Being annoying will result in a ban. Being a dick will result in a permaban.

Anyway, by using the link above to start playing RIFT -- you get the cool stuff below to help you start your adventure!

10x Inscribed Sourcestone
5x Plaque of Achievement
3x Mark of Ascension
2x Lucky Coin
5x Mark of Retribution

Anyway. Thats all for now guys -- Thanks so much for being awesome. You guys are amazing.