New Animated Series: Nature Town!

3 years ago

What if animals talk to each other when humans aren't around? And what if they pull pranks, steal from each other, and run for political office? We are proud to premiere Nature Town, a BRAND NEW animated web series that shows you why pandas hate squirrels, why owls are so smart, and what turtles really think about global warming. See if you can recognize some familiar voices in the first episode! And please click that Twitter and Facebook button below this to share with your friends!

Comments (76)

  • paguhwaguh


    3 years ago

    I love anything with Joel in it!

  • Starkk


    3 years ago

    Really random and out of no where. But loved it.

  • EuAndo


    3 years ago

    Decently funny first episode and I think the series has a bit of potential too

  • paultl


    3 years ago

    Funny in parts, not your greatest work will just have to see how it goes.

  • Prodick


    3 years ago

    Chris you always please me

  • Dopp

    Dopp ROLL TIDE

    3 years ago

    I really enjoyed this. So did my friend at work. It's pretty random and off-the-wall, but clever. I hope you guys can keep it fresh through its run, if so, I think I'll enjoy this series quite a bit.

  • Algrokoz


    3 years ago

    Who is singing the theme song? #Awesome.

  • TheAzzaden


    3 years ago

    Joel makes this series so awesome!

  • MatthewK


    3 years ago

    The new series is awesome. I can't believe aids has cancer. Really funny and joel does a great turtle impression.

  • NathanielMan


    3 years ago