3 years ago

Yesterday my family and I went to Sheplers. It's a store where you can buy cowboy stuff like boots, hats, and jeans. So my dad was trying on jeans in the dressing room. All of the rooms had curtains, so you couldn't see inside. I had assumed that my dad walked into a certain room and messing around I said :"Hey dad, I'm going to punch you while your in there." So this is going to sound odd, but I began aimlessly punching in different directions. On the third punch I hit what was obviously a cowboy hat and knocked it to the ground. Then I heard "Fuck! get the hell out of here!!!" It wasn't my fathers voice....

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  • nurse


    3 years ago

    and then you learned not to do stupid things, right??? smiley8.gif

  • XDragonRageX


    3 years ago

    did you find him later lmao

    • HappyFinger


      3 years ago

      No, I booked it out of there! lol