Podcast Day and iTunes Poll

3 years ago

Today we have a brand new podcast brought to you by audible.com. Go listen to a book or something.

We of course also have a brand new animated adventure highlighting the story of Burnie losing his cell phone in Australia.

During this week's podcast we mention that iTunes is holding a poll to decide what gaming podcast to highlight in September. You should totally vote for Rooster Teeth. We were winning by quite a bit earlier today but some other podcast has passed us. Show them who is boss!

Comments (118)

  • Ugly_27


    3 years ago

    Who the fuck else are we gonna vote for? RT for life

  • HAKURU_15


    3 years ago

    I lost my phone too man... but hell I am going to vote for RT

  • Bionic_Alex


    3 years ago

    RT podcast #1

  • King36o


    3 years ago

    VOTE !

  • JMurd117


    3 years ago

    reading some of the comments and apparently because I am from Canada I can't vote? Really wanted to help. Hope RT wins. Best podcast on the net in my honest opinion.

  • modecate


    3 years ago

    Gus, ive noted a few comments, etc by Burnie over the last couple of podcasts, that made me take extra notice and wonder if somethings have changed for him. Hope he's okay, cause like the rest of you guys your important to us. Give him all our best

  • Simonsized


    3 years ago

    Yeah Creature Talk is winning best of luck to you guys though! Just remember the Creatures got you most of the viewers in the RTX stream and helped you beat up kerry.

  • Animattor


    3 years ago

    I want to vote, but I don't live in amurika. and I don't think they accept votes in spirit :\

  • LarryFishmas


    3 years ago

    I voted for Rooster Teeth yesterday went back to check today and it said I voted for Creatures. Perhaps this happened to others. I just can't see RT losing by that much.

  • GodslilTippy


    3 years ago

    I dont understand D= RT must win!!!! So the prophesy can be fulfilled!!!