Yes that was a Coheed reference @Schraver :P

Well i finally just got home late last night. I unpacked and then finally slept in my own bed after 6 weeks of traveling America and Toronto. Im gonna make a journal about my epic travels sooner or later knowing me more later than sooner :P

But in order to make that journal as epic as it needs to be, i need all the photos that were taken during my travels. So my many camera girls, im lookin at you Kim, Colleen, Warpek, Heather, Nolan, Mike, James, Pana and anyone else who i met and took photos of me id like you to PLEASE link your photo albums in the comments of this journal.


But before i post this journal i would like to thank some very awesome special ppl that allowed me to stay with them. Without them, this trip woulda been impossible, i owe everything to them. So thank you @KellyRenea and @Echovector. Thank you @Warpek and @Volt. Thank you @Newbs and @Jennacide and thank you @sensation10x and @Schraver. You guys are fucking awesome and i love you. Oh and thanks to my roomies at TO <3