smiley9.gif CONTEST smiley9.gif CONTEST smiley9.gif CONTEST smiley9.gif CONTEST smiley9.gif CONTEST
As I type this, I have reached 524 watchers. I still get all misty eyed when I see that number.
Yes. I check that number every day. I can't help it! It thrills me! It keeps me going! It makes me want to keep doing what I'm doing!

I want to show my gratitude by hosting a contest! You wanna win some Rooster Teeth merch and other miscellaneous goodies? Of course you do! I have some extras hiding around here somewhere.

HOW TO ENETR: *blush* I'm going to be a little selfish and give some questions about me that you have to answer. These answers can be found in journal entries, my profile page, and maybe even in an RT video or 2. I know, it's a bit self-indulging of me to demand that you be quizzed on me...but it's not very often that I demand attention smiley8.gif

If you get the answers correct (or close to correct...or something hilarious), you will have a chance to win some stuff! EVERYONE LIKES STUFF!
I will randomly choose 3 winners.
The contest ends Friday August 24th!
Be sure to put your answers in comment section of this journal AND makes sure that they are under a SPOILER code. If you do not, then I have to delete your comment and you have to do it correctly. smiley8.gif

This contest is open to everyone. I don't care where you live.
Please keep in mind that this contest is not sponsored or endorsed officially by Rooster Teeth.

smiley9.gif Let's talk about prizes.

1st Place: Any regular t-shirt (men and women) in stock in any size you want. This DOES NOT include hoodies, customizable shirts, or the polo shirt.
Pint Glass Set - Either 2 RT Logo, 2 Achievement Hunter Logo, or 1 of each!

2nd Place: Rooster Teeth Merch You Can't Get Anymore! 1 package of RT Comics Magnets, The Strangerhood DVD, "Politics Make Me So Horny" button, and a couple of bumper stickers. I might throw in an Achievement Hunter slappy band...I'm swimming in them.

3rd Place: Do you like My Little Pony? No? TOO BAD! Pick one of the Mane 6 and I'll send you a toy or something!

smiley9.gif HERE BE THE QUIZ

1: How many times have I been Featured User?
2: What is my husband's username on the site?
3: I was mentioned in Shorts Vol 3 DVD commentary. Which episode was I mentioned, who mentioned me, and why? (If you have not purchased the DVD, the journal entry is from sometime at the beginning of this year)
4: Who is my favorite My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic character?
5: Who is my favorite Disney character?
6: What is my Xbox Live username?
7: TOTALLY SHAMELESS PLUG - On my Youtube channel, which is your favorite video and why? (Hey...guess what...if you don't enjoy any of the videos, that's totally cool.)
8: Where do I work?
9: Which Immersion video was I in? How about you include a screencap... smiley8.gif (I know it will show up regardless of SPOILER code)
10: Whose staff awards do I have?

Good luck, kiddos. smiley12.gif

smiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gifGOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! smiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif
Who will be at PAX Prime this year? Chris and I will certainly be there. We'll be easy to find.
Just come up to the Rooster Teeth booth for your free SailorTweek hugs and we'll sell you some of that awesome RT merch! We'll be be there working the booth alongside that fabulous Rooster Teeth staff...there might be dancing involved...