* Dubstep Burnie Cat came to life... *


The circle is now complete.

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smiley9.gif There is still time to enter my CONTEST for Rooster Teeth merch and other goodies! Click on the link for all the details you could ever want!
Contest ends Friday, August 24th!

smiley9.gif I really hope that the sexy new Achievement Hunter hoodies will be for sale at the Rooster Teeth Booth during PAX.
Perhaps we'll have some of that BEARD PRIDE available as well...I strive to ACHIEVE everyday...maybe not BEARD levels of achievement...but hot damn, ya'll.

(I have no idea what will be at the booth, by the way. I'm just as excited as you all!)

smiley9.gif Earlier today, @Barbara posted about voting for Rooster Teeth to be featured on iTunes in September. You should all totally do that. And then you should totally repost that information on every social internet avenue that you have at your fingertips smiley12.gif

smiley9.gif Speaking of Facebook...um...well, this is still hard for me to talk about...so....I'll just come right out and say it.

Who else is hopelessly addicted to The Sims Social and wants to be my neighbor?
Anyone wanna paly Avengers Alliance?
God, that was painful...and yet, cleansing. LET THE HEALING BEGIN.

Late Night JengaJam has moved to Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern! Mark your calendars and be sure to tune in!
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