Short and sweet...

Okay so stay with me on this one. This yogurt liqueur is produced in Holland and bottled in France. It’s a popular beverage in Japan. Are you with me still? In Japan, it’s mixed with fruit juices to create a booze smoothie. In america it makes the grossest straight shot I have ever had! How the guy who gave me a shot of this got through customs I will never know!


Here is the official description:
With freshness and rich flavor yogurt originally have, "Yogurito" was justified, I base the bottle is perfect for cocktail taste of plain yogurt. Yogurt served in a stylish glass during the increasingly popular around the woman now!
The image of a cute bottle dairy I am mark.
-Yogurito Staff

Fun Facts:
Style: Dairy?
Availability: Japan? (Even though it is brewed in Holland)
ABV: 16.0%

Average analysis per 12 fl oz. serving:
* Calories: ?????
* Carbohydrates: Give me a break...
* Protein: I'm sure their some info but I cannot find it...
* Fat: ???

My Analysis:
What the hell was I thinking. This review is bombing faster than anything else. I just wanted the community to see this and know to stay away. The yogurt in this thing is mostly curdled or something like that. You have to shake it back up. It is like a burning rubbing alcohol sludge.

Honestly Japan can keep it. On the bright side it is high nutritional and you are supposed to make smoothies and screwdrivers from it. If mixed properly it should taste good. Not that you will find it here in the US. I guess you should give it a chance if you do see it. I know I did. Now I am going to go brush my teeth again.

I do not support/ condone drinking Yogurito. I am not an expert on Yogurito, just a hater. Drink at your own risk.

Actually, if any of my Aussie friends have seen or heard of this let me know. I'm sure you guys would see it before we would over here.