Embarrassed about the suggested Twilight

3 years ago

Today I had a really bad case of being dizzy, so I spent the entire day in bed flat on my back watching videos and surfing the internet. I thought I'd check my YouTube feed one last time before hitting the sack and what I see is I guess based on my subscriptions and everything I watched today:
Wow. I feel kind of like I need to get a life. smiley7.gif

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  • OboeCrazy

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    3 years ago

    No no no....forget the Twilight stuff, watch the stuff I liked from CaptainSparklez!! Minecraft Let's Play > Twilight!!

  • karlibean


    3 years ago


  • HAKURU_15


    3 years ago

    add me on youtube Hakuru15

  • raz0rblade


    3 years ago

    I watched a video of a guy playing in a swimming pool with his pet polar bear (YES) and got linked to a video of a woman getting her first Brazilian wax (WHAT?).........the Internet is effing WEIRD.