A bunch more episodes of Oboe Plays Halo Reach posted in the last few days. Exodus, New Alexandria, The Package, and The Pillar of Autumn are all posted for your enjoyment. Only one more Reach chapter to go and then we dive into Halo 1. The crew and I already have played/filmed a few chapters, so it looks like my video posting is going to be VERY busy for the next few weeks.

Of these last few videos Exodus and The Pillar of Autumn have my favorite moments. In Exodus we all get very distracted by the appearance of a famous member of the band U2...and then proceed to stalk and kill him. And Pillar of Autumn has us all failing on mongoose and switching to the slower yet infinitely more cool TRUCK CONVOY!! Stick around to see if we make the jump.


I know everyone says this after they say "GO WATCH MY VIDEOS" but I'll say it anyway...if you have fun watching these leave a comment or a thumbs up on YouTube? To be honest I'll probably keep posting these no matter what as they make me happy. But it's always good to know if other people are enjoying them as well. And I love you and I want you to be happy.