I meant to talk about this earlier in the week but never got around to it. On Wed I watched the premiere of Arrow, I figured why not since it came on before Supernatural.

I can really just sum it up with this phrase: It's Batman Begins... with Arrows.

Now, I'm a Marvel fan-girl at heart, I don't know much about Green Arrow beyond the fact that he's Batman, with Arrows. It seems that the writers took this concept to heart and while Arrow could have been completely true to the comic (for all I know), it still had to much of a Batman Begins feel to it. I would think that the writers would have recognized this and, if this was actually canon stuff, done some new tricks with it, or if it wasn't canon, not been so obvious of a BB rip.

That being said, it wasn't 'that bad' of a pilot episode. It doesn't make me want to not watch the next episode or anything. Here is the breakdown with a few minor spoilers:

The Good: Arrow was very accessable to those who don't know the story of Green Arrow (like me). I wasn't left either confused or, worse, feeling like I'm missing out on the in-jokes. I gather that the main baddy of the episode (who wasn't much of a baddy but that's okay, they had to fill us in on everything going on) and his new guard (Draken?) are probably comic related but other than that I didn't feel like I missed the boat. Dresden, sorry, the head cop guy, was good, I like that actor, and his Robin Hood comment came off quite well despite the cheesy nature of it.

The Bad: The voice over work was horrible. It was like he was reading a phone book but sadly, he doesn't have the voice to be able to just read a phone book and still sound like he's reading shakespeare (looking at you Rickman and Earl-Jones). Also, the lead actor didn't do anything for me, didn't make feel for his character or what he's been through. (he had one good scene, and that's about it) I know he was going for that "stoic, just gone to hell and back" look but he is just so blank faced, even when he's trying to act the playboy (which is a total rip off of the Lone Ranger... you thought I was gonna say Batman, didn't you). He's like a poor man's Chris O'Donell... so there you go.

The Ugly: How in the world did he get all that stuff in like... a couple of hours? I mean, he builds up his lair, gets tech gadgety stuff that is super powerful/awesome... what did he do? Call up Sharper image with his credit card? He had to get all that crap and either bring it over to the warehouse or have it shipped in (probably not shipped as kinda gives the secret away from secret layer). And he's been considered dead, I doubt that the first thing they did was open him a new checking account and get him a gold card (it takes a few days to get your card anyway). The way it played out on screen was either bad editing or the writers thinking we wouldn't notice him putting all that together in a matter of hours. Sorry, stuff like that just bugs me...

So yeah, not the best they could have done but pretty decent. I'll catch next week's ep before Supernatural again. Looking forward to seeing Captain Jack Harkness in a later episode too. I'm giving this show nice middling marks with potential.