Here's what he found when he looked him up in the phone book:







So the NP said that my back is muscle pain. She give me a steroid pack, some mild pain pills, and some work outs to do to strengthen my lower back. I told her I'd go in to work tomorrow (er... today) and see how it feels. If it's not better in 2 weeks, she's going to send me to physical therapy.

Also, got set up for a sleep study. Megan is making me switch doctors, though, since the one I have an appointment with slammed a loopy patient's head onto the table and yelled at her asking how old she was... a friend of Megan's was in the room when it happened. I'm going to call and get that switched. Maybe I'll get a C-PAP machine and get some decent rest finally!

So! On to my 4 hours of sleep!


Edit: I totally got to demo the Wii U at Best Buy today. I'll make a journal tomorrow giving my impressions so that my typing doesn't wake the wife...