Will there be more trailers?
Yes, but I also need to also get started on the show itself.

Who are the rest of the characters? What are their weapons?
Wouldn't you rather see it?

How many people animated that trailer?
Considering everyone else had passed out from exhaustion from RvB 10. It was just me. I designed and modeled Ruby and her weapons then animated it as soon as we wrapped RvB10, Shane helped me with some of the wolf mocap.

What programs were used to make it?
The same programs that were used to make RvB. It's not about technology, it's about technique

What is Ruby's weapon?
Her weapons is a high caliber sniper rifle scythe names Crescent Rose.

Who made the song? Wher can I get it?
Music was by Jeff Williams and his awesome daughter Casey.

Who is writing it?
I am, but I don't have time to write everything. And Miles and I had a good thing going with RvB 10. Plus he's way better than me. So while we were finishing RvB 10. I would give Miles and Kerry the lowdown on who my characters were, what my world was, the story I wanted to tell. And they are eble to expand on that as well as add to it. Much similar to Burnie, i come up with the large stroke minus specific scenes. Then they do all the heavy lifting.

What anime do I watch?
A lot

Will there be voices? Will I voice someone?

What is the girl in the trailer's name?
Ruby. There's an... interesting rule about names in this world.

When will the rest/show itself come out?
I'm workin on it